Xenics Renames Two Key Products in Its Advanced Imaging Range: IrLugX Becomes Crius, IrqLa Now Aion

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Xenics, a pioneer of infrared technology, has announced that two products in its Advanced Imaging range, the IrLugX longwave infrared camera core, and the IrqLa shortwave infrared camera core, have changed their trade names to respectively Crius and Aion.

This decision is part of a desire to simplify the terminology used around Xenics products, to make them easier to use internationally, and in line with the product names in the Xenics product catalog.

Only the names have changed, while the products retain all their specific technical features.

IrLugX becomes Crius

Crius offers long-wave SWaP infrared thermal camera cores. This makes the Crius 1280 model the most compact and lightweight of all, with exceptional resolution (12µm). It is an ideal solution for long-distance observation and surveillance, with a high-quality thermal profile.

The Crius uncooled LWIR camera series offers an affordable solution in thermal imaging. With resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 micro-bolometers in 12 μm pixels and SWaP design, Crius offer an outstanding thermal profile enabling low-power consumption, the agility of configurations, and plug & play solution for medium to high-volume OEMs and integrators.           


  • Compact and feather-weighted
  • Easy to integrate
  • Low-power consumption

IrqLa becomes Aion

The Aion is a powerful camera core with highly sensitive short-wave infrared detection. It is available in various interfaces, offering a wide choice of applications in the SWIR camera range. The high-performance sensor and low noise feature offer best solution for OEMs and integrators for their demanding applications.

The Aion combines sensitive Short Wavelength Infrared detection and high-quality image generation. This camera core enables an agile modular concept and architecture for easy integration into any system and platform.


  • Uncooled InGaAs sensor
  • VGA 15 μm pixel pitch
  • Low power consumption
  • Compact, ruggedized, and easy to integrate

About Xenics

Xenics, part of Photonis group, is a pioneer of infrared technology with a proven track record of twenty years. Xenics designs, manufactures, and markets infrared imagers, cores, and cameras of best-in-class image quality to support machine vision, scientific & advanced research, transportation, process monitoring, safety & security, and medical applications. Xenics offers a complete portfolio of line-scan and area-scan products for the vSWIR, SWIR, and LWIR ranges. Mastering all critical steps of the manufacturing process with advanced production facilities and in-house know-how on detectors, systems and software development Xenics delivers state-of-the-art solutions and optimized custom designs. Xenics ensures its commitment of doing good to the world by developing solutions for enhancing quality of life and sustainability. As a European vendor with a worldwide sales and service network, Xenics supports its customers with simplified export procedures.

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