Vector Photonics and Sivers Photonics Join Forces to Evaluate New Material for NextGen Lasers

Posted  by GoPhotonics


Sivers Photonics, the world’s most advanced supplier of customised III-V semiconductor photonics devices, has received an initial order from Vector Photonics for the evaluation of epitaxial material for a new, next-generation surface coupling laser project. The order, which includes laser fabrication and life testing, will be the first time both Glasgow-based companies have worked together on a collaborative project, and it will be manufactured on the Sivers InP100 platform at their advanced Glasgow foundry. The project is at the forefront of global laser technology development, and the collaboration with Sivers Photonics means it will be fulfilled entirely within the Scottish Photonics cluster.

Euan Livingston, Sales and Marketing Director at Vector Photonics, explained, “Vector Photonics operates a ‘fabless’ business model, outsourcing wafer fabrication to semiconductor foundry partners around the world. Sivers Photonics is an ideal fabrication partner for Vector Photonics in every aspect. Furthermore, the proximate location of the businesses supports a particularly close working relationship, with clear benefits to in-depth development and R&D working”.

Euan continued, “Vector Photonics’ fabless business model is established and proven for prototype, pre-production and production requirements and volumes. It builds resilience, flexibility, and scalability into our supply chain; allows for rapid scaling; and frees up the company to focus on developing high-value application IP in datacoms and wider markets. The order with Sivers Photonics helps to establish the required quality and life testing of our laser materials and is a significant part of our ongoing commercialisation of surface coupling laser devices.”

Andy McKee, CTO and Interim Managing Director at Sivers Photonics, said, “We are delighted to partner with Vector Photonics on this project, using our expertise to support the commercialisation of next generation surface coupling lasers whilst also continuing to strengthen Scotland’s strong position as a global leader in photonics. Following the successful wafer fabrication and testing phases and utilising our proven foundry capabilities, we will enable Vector Photonics to deliver to their customers at scale.”

“Surface coupling laser offer great performance by reducing power consumption, latency, size and costs and will be a great solution for the datacentre market. Sivers likes to support innovation which makes this new partnership with Vector Photonics a great match” said Anders Storm, CEO of Sivers Semiconductors.

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