Beck Optronic Solutions: Pioneering Precision Optical Solutions for Over 180 Years

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Beck Optronic Solutions, an engineering company based in Hemel Hempstead, UK, has comprehensive capabilities for the design and manufacture of complex, integrated optical systems for defense and commercial use across the UV, visible, NIR, SWIR, MWIR & LWIR wavebands. They do their best work when they take full responsibility for challenging optical projects, from the beginning design to the finished product. Every finished product goes through a thorough test.

The company started in 1839 and makes precise optical solutions for many different needs. Latest optical solutions are obtained at good prices from this UK company near London. They are known for their new ideas. Beck can do many kinds of engineering, like UV, regular light, near infrared, heat imaging, and CO2 laser. They help customers in the military and business from around the world.

Some of their Products are:

Reflecting Objectives

Beck Optronic Solutions is one of the very few companies that manufacture the Original Beck/Ealing Reflecting Objectives. Using a setup involving two mirrors, reflecting objectives were initially created for microscopes back in 1904. 

Their optics entirely rely on reflection, which sets them apart from refracting objectives, ensuring they don't suffer from color-related blurriness. These objectives from Beck are inspired by the findings of C. R. Burch, who, in a paper from 1947, demonstrated that precise choices in mirror curves and their spacing can fix problems like shape distortion, uneven focus, and blurriness, resulting in much better image quality. 

Along with these improvements, reflecting objectives have the following benefits when compared to regular microscope lenses:

  • Longer working distances relative to the magnification
  • Large numerical apertures for improved light gathering power
  • High throughput from UV to far infrared
  • Coatings available to enhance performance at specific wavelength regions

10-220 mm Zoom Lens for Visible

Beck Optronic Solutions provides a strong and durable zoom lens that works really well for looking at faraway places and keeping borders safe. This lens is made for regular light.

Some important things about it are:

  • Apochromatic correction to work over the entire spectrum from 400 nm to 700 nm for high perfomance in low light levels.
  • Fully automated for remote control
  • Built to comply with MIL Standards
  • Customisable to meet specific requirements

Fixed Focal Length SWIR Lenses

The lenses and special coatings have been made specifically for a type of light called SWIR. Some companies say they have SWIR lenses, but really they just put special paint on regular lenses. The lenses from Beck Optronic Solutions are created right from the start for SWIR light, with special glass and coatings. We make sure they work well by testing them with SWIR light. These lenses are great for many things like keeping things safe, checking things, making sure things are good quality, and helping machines see. They're made to fit with cameras that are sold in many places and have a picture size of 25.6 mm across.


The company provides lightweight yet strong eyepieces that work well with one eye or two eyes. These are good for things like sights on weapons, cameras that see heat, systems you wear on your head, medical tools, and things for practice and learning.

Beck Optronic Solutions offers a lightweight but rugged long eye relief eyepiece, suitable for use in monocular or binocular systems. The module is well-suited for weapon sights, thermal imagers, etc.

Beck Optronic Solutions has a certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System and their full-service capability encompasses prototype build, full production manufacture, integration and assembly within a clean environment, final test and qualification, plus after-sale support. They offer clients in defense and commercial sectors the opportunity to source leading-edge optical solutions at competitive prices from an established UK Company with an outstanding track record of innovation.

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