Nanocomp Introduces Perfect Light Guide for LCDs, EPDs or any Medium Sized Displays

Posted May 16, 2017 by

Nanocomp, a global forerunner in micro- and nano-optics design and manufacturing has introduced new multiple thin and flexible film based light guides for medium-size displays. The company focuses on the manufacturing of thin polymer film products for consumer electronics, laser sensing and special lighting sectors. The production is based on roll-to-roll (R2R) UV-imprinting process, which is the most cost and time efficient method for mass production of film optics.

In the past, the use of non-emissive flexible displays has been mainly limited to e-paper based products, such as e-reader and wearable devices, however curved LCDs are becoming more common in TVs and information displays. The development of organic backplane technology enables LCDs to become truly flexible. In parallel, the evolution of EPD and alternative paper-like display technologies enable the use of color and higher switching speeds. These advancements open new markets with various novel applications. Nanocomp designs and manufactures frontlight and backlight guides needed for illuminating non-emissive displays. Its light guide film is a perfect pair for thin and flexible displays - or for any non-emissive display enabling thinner and lighter devices.

Nanocomp has developed an ultra-thin light guide film for medium-size LCD backlights. While being ultra-thin, the LGF offers superior efficiency and excellent uniformity, and is thinnest and most efficient light guide solution available in the size range of 7 - 15.6 inches. The exceptional thinness and efficiency are enabled by Nanocomp's proprietary UV-R2R manufacturing process and special double-sided micro-imprinting used for the light out-coupling. With the light guide technology, the backlight unit can be made flexible, making a perfect match for the flexible or bendable displays. The ultra-thin (0.375-0.5 mm) light guide provides superior performance for medium-size LCDs.

Nanocomp will be showcasing the ultra-thin lightguide film at SID Display Week 2017 in Los Angeles Convention Center, CA, on 23 - 25 May, 2017.