Philips Showcases LED Lighting Innovations at LIGHTFAIR 2017

Posted May 17, 2017 by

Philips Lighting has introduced a host of new offerings designed to help reduce energy and operating costs, improve the comfort and utilization of a space, and deliver value that goes beyond illumination, at the LIGHTFAIR International Trade Show and Conference. These latest technology advancements combine the accumulative improvements in energy efficiency with enhanced quality and capabilities of connected LED lighting.

Some of Philips innovations showcased at the LIGHTFAIR International 2017 included:

  • Philips ExpertColor LED: ExpertColor Par and MR16 lamps allow lighting designers and specifiers to create more inviting environments and comfortable ambiances for a wide range of settings from hotels and restaurants to residential spaces. Using optimized spectrums and best in class color realization, Philips ExpertColor is also available for retail specific applications designed to improve the shopping experiences for retailers and customers alike. They are designed to improve energy efficiency, enhance light quality, and greatly extend the overall lifetime of the lamps while the minimalist look of the innovative, trim-less lens design for edge to edge lighting ensures that the LEDs fit in seamlessly, regardless of design décor or setting.
  • Philips InstantFit LED T8 lamps with EasySmart technology: A simplified path to connected ready lighting, the Philips InstantFit LED with EasySmart technology is the first and only wireless, network-capable linear lamp retrofit with a simple plug and play installation that reduces energy, effort and costs, while providing intelligent control. The expanded Philips InstantFit platform is built on the ZigBee 3.0 standard based protocol for easy integration of the TLEDs with a wide variety of control devices and systems. It was recognized by EdisonReport as a Top Ten Must See product at the LIGHTFAIR International event.
  • Philips TrueForce High Bay LED: Through a uniquely simple lamp to lamp replacement, Philips TrueForce drastically reduces energy and maintenance costs while providing uncompromised light quality. Its compatibility with existing ballasts and versatility of the product design means that it can be installed quickly and used across a wide range of applications and environments from convention centers and airport terminals to big box retailers and warehouses. The TrueForce High Bay LED provides an attractive payback by helping customers save time, labor and energy.