US Startup Q-Pixel Teams Up with Silicon Catalyst to Expedite MicroLED Display Development

Posted  by GoPhotonics


Q-Pixel, a microLED display innovator, has joined Silicon Catalyst, the world’s only incubator focused exclusively on accelerating early-stage semiconductor hardware companies, to accelerate and intensify Q-Pixel's development of their full-color displays manufactured with tunable polychromatic LEDs.

Q-Pixel has developed a single LED pixel that can be tuned across the full color spectrum rather than requiring three pixels (red, green, and blue) to achieve full color. This breakthrough enables Q-Pixel's displays to deliver higher resolution and more brightness with less power consumption and lower cost. Earlier this year, Q-Pixel demonstrated the highest microLED density in the world. Q-Pixel's technology promises to revolutionize the high-resolution display industry for screen sizes ranging from personal (smartphones and wearable devices) to large (greater than 100 inch).

The Silicon Catalyst ecosystem, which includes a comprehensive coalition of in-kind and strategic partners that dramatically reduce the cost of development along with a network of experienced advisors that coach and connect startup entrepreneurs, helps early-stage semiconductor hardware companies address the challenges of moving from idea to realization while simultaneously de-risking the companies for investors.

J.C. Chen, co-founder and CEO of Q-Pixel, commented, “Q-Pixel is delighted to join Silicon Catalyst as a Portfolio Company. We expect their extensive ecosystem will help us engage with customers and build a profitable business around our technology.” 

I’m very pleased to welcome Q-Pixel into Silicon Catalyst," stated Nick Kepler, Silicon Catalyst COO, "We are impressed with the company’s vision and progress. Our comprehensive ecosystem of Advisors, Strategic and In-Kind Partners, and investors look forward to helping them on their journey to deliver innovative products to their target markets."

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