Europe’s Top Integrated Photonics Firms Pitch €4.25 Billion Plan to Build Resilient Supply Chain for Photonic ICs

Posted  by GoPhotonics


Europe’s eight largest integrated photonics companies' CEOs have presented Thomas Skordas, Deputy Director-General, DG Connect, and Lucilla Sioli, Director for Artificial Intelligence and Digital Industry, DG Connect and Werner Steinhoegl, Head of Sector, Unit for Microelectronics & Photonics for the European Commission, a plan to build a resilient European supply chain for photonic integrated circuits.

The plan calls for €4.25 billion in funding over eight years and a range of recommendations to enable the European integrated photonics industry to become a global leader and have the ability to supply EU customers autonomously. Photonic integrated circuits (PICs) open the door to the creation of smaller, faster and more energy-efficient devices. They are already being used in a range of innovations including tele- and datacom, autonomous vehicles, quantum communication and agriculture.

Member of the CEO group are:

Rudi De Winter – CEO of XFAB, Johan Feenstra – CEO of SMART Photonics, Felix Grawert – CEO of AIXTRON SE, Albert Hasper – CEO of PHIX Photonics Assembly, Iñigo Artundo Artundo – CEO of VLC Photonics (Hitachi Group) Photonics, Jean-Louis Gentner – CEO of ALMAE TECHNOLOGIES, Thomas Hessler – CEO of LIGENTEC and Ewit Roos – CEO of PhotonDelta.

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