Photonics Industry Thrives as LD4B Leads with Revolutionary Solutions

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LD4B, a developer and manufacturer of reliable fiber-coupled laser diodes, SLDs, and photodiodes, is booming in the photonics industry with their latest breakthrough technologies, revolutionizing the way light-based technologies are utilized and advancing the field to unprecedented heights. The company, established in 2022 in Vilnius, Lithuania, aims to excel in precise optical fiber alignment and the production of dependable fiber-coupled laser diodes, SLDs, and photodiodes. Their modules are utilized across various industries including telecommunications, sensor technology, microwave photonics, life sciences, and scientific research.

Due to the large variability of modules, LD4B does not keep ready modules in stock. Instead, they manufacture them as soon as possible after an order is placed. LD4B specializes in optical fiber alignment. They have the capability to fiber-couple and package nearly any laser diode, SLD, or photodiode in TO-can packaging.

Their expertise extends to coupling with various types of optical fibers, with a particular emphasis on the most demanding coupling to single-mode (SM and PM) optical fibers with small core diameters. Throughout the production process, LD4B ensures rigorous control over laser diode, SLD, and photodiode modules. They prioritize cleanliness and adhere to ESD safety measures. Additionally, module designs undergo thorough testing in accordance with Telcordia GR-468-CORE standards.

Laser Diodes, SLDs and Photodiodes

LD4B offers a range of products tailored to diverse needs. Superluminescent diodes serve as broadband incoherent sources of optical radiation. LD4B provides 830 and 980 nm SLDs with optical power of 2 mW, as well as 1310 and 1550 nm SLDs with optical power of 1 mW, available in various packages.

Additionally, LD4B offers a wide selection of single-mode (SM), polarization-maintaining (PM), and multimode (MM) optical fiber-coupled laser diodes, also known as laser diode pigtailed modules. Customers can choose from a variety of Fabry-Perot and distributed feedback (DFB) laser diodes spanning wavelengths from 520 to 1610 nm, packaged in various formats.

Moreover, LD4B presents options for fiber-coupled photodiodes (also referred to as photodiode pigtailed modules) in different packages, including:

  • PIN photodiodes suitable for analog applications.
  • Avalanche photodiodes (InGaAs APDs) optimized for optical time-domain reflectometry (OTDR) applications.
  • PIN-TIA and APD-TIA modules, which integrate a PIN photodiode or APD with an integrated transimpedance amplifier circuit featuring auto-gain control. These are primarily utilized in digital communication systems.

Their modules showcase high coupling efficiency and exceptional thermal stability. Employing thorough module design and specialized coupling optics, LD4B achieves a typical tracking error (ER) of 0.3 dB, corresponding to a coupling efficiency variation within +/-7% for telecom wavelengths, even across temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C. This performance surpasses the standard values seen in commercial laser diode modules, which typically range from ER = 0.8-1.0 dB.

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