Lumispot Tech to Showcase Its Latest Photonics Innovations at Asia Photonics Expo 2024

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Lumispot Tech, a pioneer in photonics technology announces its upcoming participation at the Asia Photonics Expo (APE) 2024. The event is scheduled to take place from March 6th to 8th at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. It is a premier international event that showcases the latest advancements and innovations in photonics and optics. This expo serves as a pivotal platform for professionals, researchers, and companies from around the world to exchange ideas, present their latest findings, and explore new collaborations in the field of photonics. It typically features a wide range of exhibits, including cutting-edge optical components, laser technologies, fiber optics, imaging systems, and much more.

Laser Offerings At The Show

Laser Diode

This series features semiconductor-based laser products, including 808nm diode laser stacks, 808nm/1550nm Pulsed single emitter, CW/QCW DPSS laser, fiber-coupled laser diodes, and 525nm green laser, applied in aerospace, shipping, scientific research, medical, industrial, etc.

1 km - 40 km Rangefinder Module & Erbium Glass Laser

This series of products are eye-safe lasers used for laser distance measurement, such as 1535 nm/1570 nm rangefinder and Erbium-doped laser, which can be applied in the fields of outdoors, range finding, defense, etc.

1.5 μm and 1.06 μm Pulsed Fiber Laser

This series of products are the pulsed fiber laser with the human eye-safe wavelength, mainly including 1.5µm pulsed fiber laser and upto 20kW pulsed fiber laser with MOPA structured optic design, mainly applied in unmanned, remote sensing mapping, security and distributed temperature sensing, etc.

Laser Illumination for Vision Inspection

This series contains single/multi-line structured light source and inspection systems (customizable), which can be widely used in railroad and industrial inspection, solar wafer vision detection, etc.

Fiber Optic Gyroscopes

This series are fiber optic gyro optical accessories - the core components of a fiber optic coil and ASE light source transmitter, which is suitable for high-precision fiber optic gyro and hydrophone.

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