Lumicore Raises $100M in Series A Round, Garners Recognition from Top Headset Brands

Posted  by GoPhotonics


Lumicore, the leading manufacturer of high-resolution, low-power consumption Micro-OLED displays, announced that they have closed Series A funding of $100 million and received recognition from prominent headset brands. "Lumicore Micro-OLED has raised display quality specifications to a whole new level for mixed reality headsets in areas of color, contrast, and response time while maintaining lower power consumption and cost-effectiveness," stated Dr. Ji Yuan, CEO of Lumicore.

Through innovative techniques like digital driving, Lumicore has successfully elevated the resolution of displays while simultaneously reducing power consumption to half of the industry average at the same brightness level. Additionally, Lumicore has significantly increased production yield, surpassing industry benchmarks by several times. Lumicore Micro-OLED also offers support for higher refresh rates, reaching 144Hz. This feature ensures eye protection and effectively reduces motion blur. It enhances contrast and maintains over 85% of the DCI-P3 color gamut even at low grayscale levels below 32."

"The recent launch of new mixed-reality headsets has garnered significant attention to Micro-OLED technology. However, Lumicore's extensive research history spanning over a decade has positioned us as trailblazers in Micro-OLED R&D," commented Dr. Ji Yuan. "We take pride in developing the world's first digitally-driven Micro-OLED display, earning industry recognition. We are currently developing a 4K Micro-OLED display, which is a benchmark in the industry that usually leads to a substantial increase in costs. However, with Lumicore's technology, we are able to control the costs at half of the industry average."

Originating in Shanghai, China, Lumicore was established in 2016 as a chip design company. In 2019, the company secured angel investment and, in less than two years, successfully built an 8-inch micro-OLED production line. Lumicore offers end-to-end services, from chip development to finished display screens. Over time, Lumicore has formed strong partnerships with industry leaders and offers customized solutions.

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