Femtum Secures $5M+ in Oversubscribed Seed Round to Accelerate Growth in Advanced Laser Solutions

Posted  by GoPhotonics


Femtum, a leading manufacturer of laser solutions for advanced manufacturing, announced the successful completion of an oversubscribed seed round, securing over $5 million in funding. The round accelerates the commercialization of cutting-edge mid-infrared fiber lasers tailored to semiconductor manufacturers. The funding is co-led by ELAS Technology Investment, a German high-tech fund specializing in photonics, and i4 Capital, a Canadian deep-tech fund. Additional contributors include Quantacet, Boreal Ventures, and Eureka along with globally recognized photonic technology funds Hamamatsu Ventures, and VIGO Ventures.

Torsten Varhenkamp, from ELAS Technology Investment, says, “Femtum’s innovative approach to laser technology aligns perfectly with our investment focus. We believe in their ability to drive significant advancements in the fast-growing industry for Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs).”

“Femtum is poised to solve major manufacturing issues affecting advanced semiconductor chips that will lead to higher yields and improved energy efficiency. We are delighted to invest with such highly strategic international and domestic domain experts.“, adds Jean-François Grenon, Founding Partner at i4 Capital.

Pioneering semiconductor innovation with laser technology

Femtum’s groundbreaking laser technology will drive innovation in the advanced manufacturing of semiconductors, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence, communication, and quantum technologies. Femtum aims at leveraging this investment to become a key player in the Canadian & international semiconductor ecosystem. “This strategic investment will catalyze Femtum’s engagement with high-tech manufacturers and innovators globally; we are excited to work with world-class strategic partners for our ambitious goal of becoming a standard in semiconductor laser manufacturing,” said Louis-Rafaël Robichaud, co-founder and CEO of Femtum.

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