LumeDEL Leads Research Advancement with High-Performance Fiber-Coupled LEDs

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LumeDEL, a manufacturer of high-performance fiber-coupled LEDs and accessories, is at the forefront of serving the life sciences, medical, industrial, and scientific communities. The company's inception arose from recognizing a growing demand among professionals in these fields for the superior performance of fiber-coupled LEDs, alongside a gap in technical expertise to implement this technology. As many users continued to rely on traditional lasers and mercury arc lamps, LumeDEL was founded to bridge this divide, providing the necessary knowledge and solutions to fully leverage the benefits of advanced LED technology.

In response, LumeDEL's multidisciplinary engineering team sprang into action, leading to the development of the NewDEL™ portfolio of fiber-coupled LEDs. This cutting-edge range offers dedicated spectral families tailored for critical applications like spectroscopy, optogenetics, and fluorescence imaging. Delivering high radiant power, NewDEL fiber-coupled LEDs are designed as plug-and-play systems, ready for immediate use. The company's mission is to design and deliver unique, high-output LED devices that will serve as essential, yet uncomplicated tools for end-users to perform leading-edge research in both academic and industrial laboratories.

NewDEL™ Fiber-Coupled LEDs

Designed and manufactured by LumeDEL, NewDEL™ fiber-coupled LEDs combine high performance with simplicity to provide high-brightness sources for researchers and OEMs in a range of medical, biotech, and industrial applications. The four product groups include narrowband sources from the UV to the near IR spectral region, plus broadband sources; additional wavelengths are available on request. The NewDEL™ platform was designed for flexibility and ease of use. Each model incorporates its own driver and microcontroller circuitry, so that it is ready for use right out of the package. Users have complete control over a range of parameters, including delays, triggers, pulse durations, as well as PWM frequency and duty cycle.  For users comfortable with writing code, the NewDEL can also be programmed using distinct serial commands.

Because output quality is essential to the target scientific applications, the units are designed to generate high radiant power with spectrally stable output. For maximum output power, we recommend fiber patch cables with larger core diameters and high numerical apertures (NA) that optimize input coupling. LumeDEL uses PWM dimming exclusively, avoiding the spectral shifts that can be introduced by analog dimming. The design stabilizes LED junction temperature using passive thermal management, to maximize LED lifetime without the need for noisy fans that consume additional energy. All these characteristics make NewDEL LED sources highly effective replacements for lasers and lamps in many applications for science and industry.

  • NewDEL™ UV Fiber-coupled LEDs

The NewDEL™ UV product group combines high performance and flexibility to serve both scientific and industrial research. Because most UV applications require increased levels of output, NewDEL™ UV are designed to deliver the highest radiant power possible from a one-millimeter diameter fiber.

  • NewDEL™ VIS Fiber-coupled LEDs

The NewDEL™ VIS fiber-coupled LED product group encompasses eight narrowband sources with center wavelengths ranging from 425 nm to 680 nm. The collection includes phosphor-coated green and amber LEDs to address the so-called green gap problem – the lack of a high efficacy semiconductor materials system for the green-yellow spectral region.

  • NewDEL™ NIR Fiber-coupled LEDs

The NewDEL™ NIR product group of fiber-coupled LEDs combines narrowband output at wavelengths targeting key NIR applications (see Table 4). As with other narrowband models the NewDEL™ incorporates controller and driver circuitry and uses PWM dimming exclusively to prevent wavelength drift.

  • NewDEL™ BB Fiber-coupled LEDs

The NewDEL™ BB product group is designed for spectroscopy applications. It encompasses two white light sources with different color temperatures and CRIs, as well as a continuum source. Sources deliver higher efficiency output than omnidirectional mercury arc lamp sources. As with all other members of the product family, each NewDEL™ Broadband model incorporates its own driver and microcontroller circuitry and offers three options for configuration and control.

In its commitment to advancing research and innovation, LumeDEL has established itself as a leader in high-performance fiber-coupled LEDs. By addressing the demand for superior technology and simplifying its implementation, the company empowers professionals across various sectors to conduct cutting-edge research effortlessly, fostering progress in scientific endeavors worldwide.

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