Opterro Completes Acquisition of Redondo Optics

Posted  by GoPhotonics


Opterro, a leading provider of smart turnkey sensing systems and end-to-end fiber-optic and optoelectronic sensing solutions, has completed its acquisition of Redondo Optics, a renowned research and engineering company specializing in optical and acousto-optic sensors, fiber optics, nanotechnology, and advanced optical materials.

The acquisition marks a strategic move by Opterro to enhance its position as a key player in the photonics industry, bringing together Opterro’s expertise in photonic and optoelectronic sensing solutions with ROI’s innovative technologies in sensors and instrumentation, materials science, optics, and fiber optics.

Opterro is recognized for its cutting-edge application-optimized sensing solutions, including the compact LiteSense™, high-speed UltraSense™, and FiberBlade™ fiber-optic sensing product families. With a commitment to unmatched system performance and AI-powered decision-aid data analytics, Opterro provides modular, plug-and-play i*Sense®, d*Sense®, and r*Sense® systems that offer unparalleled reliability, accuracy, resolution, speed, bandwidth, and scalability. These solutions serve widespread applications in real-time monitoring, diagnostics, condition-based maintenance, and control across diverse industries.

Commenting on the acquisition, Dr. Mehrdad Moslehi, President and CEO of Opterro, stated, “We are thrilled to announce the successful acquisition of Redondo Optics, Inc. This strategic move seamlessly aligns with our unwavering commitment to providing unmatched photonic and optoelectronic sensing solutions across a diverse spectrum of industries. The integration of Redondo Optics’ cutting-edge technologies and expertise into our existing framework will further strengthen our portfolio and accelerate our mission to be the leading provider of end-to-end integrated sensing solutions to our global customers. This strategic alliance marks a pivotal milestone in our journey, solidifying our commitment to innovation, excellence, and meeting the evolving needs of our dynamic industry landscape.”

Founded in 2002, Redondo Optics, has carved a niche for itself in research and engineering, focusing on optical and acousto-optic sensors and instrumentation, nanotechnology, and advanced optical materials.

Dr. Ed Mendoza, President and CEO of Redondo Optics, shared his enthusiasm about the acquisition: “Joining forces with Opterro aligns with ROI’s mission to introduce disruptive products with applications in energy, life sciences, biotechnology, aerospace, defense, security, and telecommunications. Our shared vision for innovation and commitment to disruptive technologies will undoubtedly drive advancements in the fields of optical sensors, fiber optics, and nanotechnology. We look forward to contributing to Opterro’s mission and expanding the combined reach of our groundbreaking products.”

The acquisition of Redondo Optics by Opterro is a significant milestone and a further expansion of Opterro’s end-to-end sensing solutions now available worldwide directly and through Opterro’s global sales partners and distributors. As a renowned leading expert in the field, Dr. Mendoza will continue to lead Redondo Optics, now as a wholly owned subsidiary of Opterro, Inc., and will serve as a member of Opterro’s executive team, reporting to Opterro’s CEO.

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