Industry's First Optical Spectrum Analyzer to Cover All Testing Applications

Posted Sep 08, 2017 by EXFO Inc.

EXFO, the network test, monitoring and analytics expert, has introduced new FTBx-5255 Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA) for field applications to meet live network testing needs of telecom service providers, internet content providers and network equipment manufacturers all under pressure to deliver flawless services to a high-speed, data-hungry market.

Until now, service providers and internet content providers had no choice but to interrupt communications by shutting down networks or channels to measure the Optical Signal-to-Noise Ratio (OSNR) of 100G/200G/400G (Pol-Mux) signals, a key performance indicator of customers' quality of service.

With the launch of EXFO's new OSA, service providers and data centers can stay live for in-service network testing of OSNR from 10G to 400G; O-band pluggables and L-band transceivers; and CWDM spectral analysis, among other applications. The capability to address all these OSA testing applications will also appeal to NEMs, in particular, the system verification and system testing groups. The new portable optical spectrum analyzer equips service providers, internet content providers, and NEMs for testing live networks, saving them time and significantly reducing operating expenses while making troubleshooting faster and better.

The FTBx-5255 is available in EXFO's FTB-2, FTB-2 Pro and FTB-4 Pro portable test platforms as well as in the LTB-8 platform for rackmount and lab applications. For more information, click here.