Luxinar Introduces Ultrashort Pulse Laser Platform to Transform Industrial Processing

Posted  by GoPhotonics


Luxinar, a global leader in laser technology, has launched the LXR® ultrashort pulse (USP) laser platform, a transformative leap forward in industrial laser processing. The LXR® platform delivers unmatched performance, versatility, and reliability, featuring a significant advancement in burst mode processing. This ultrafast laser micromachining orchestrates a symphony of power, pulse-to-pulse stability, and pulse duration to create microscopic marvels.

Power: The driving force

Power, in the realm of ultrafast laser micromachining, dictates the amount of material removed with each laser pulse. Higher power allows for faster processing or deeper cuts, crucial for creating intricate micro-channels or drilling sub-micron holes. However, just as a heavy hand can shatter delicate work, excessive power in laser micromachining can lead to unwanted heat damage. Here lies the importance of the following two elements.

Pulse-to-pulse stability: The unsung hero

Both short-term and long-term pulse-to-pulse stability play critical roles. Short-term stability minimises power fluctuations within a single pulse train, ensuring each pulse delivers consistent energy. This consistency translates to uniform feature size and depth across the micromachined area. Long-term stability, on the other hand, focuses on maintaining consistent power output over extended periods. Just as a sculptor maintains a steady hand throughout their work, a stable laser guarantees uniform results over the entire process.

The X-factor: Enter the ultrafast pulse

Ultrafast laser micromachining goes beyond traditional tools. It introduces a revolutionary element: pulse duration. Measured in femtoseconds (millionths of a billionth of a second), ultrafast pulses interact with materials on a near-molecular level to minimise heat transfer to the surrounding material. Imagine switching from a chisel to a scalpel. The scalpel's precise cut removes desired material with minimal impact on the surrounding area, allowing for intricate micro-features without damaging delicate structures.

Perfect harmony: Unparalleled control and speed

Power provides the driving force, pulse-to-pulse stability ensures unwavering focus and ultrafast pulse duration acts as the scalpel. This harmonious interplay empowers the LXR® platform to create groundbreaking micro-features with unparalleled control and speed. It pushes the boundaries of miniaturisation, paving the way for advancements in microelectronics, photonics, medical devices, and biosensors.

The LXR® platform: A symphony of innovation

In conclusion, Antonio Raspa, Solid State Laser Product Manager at Luxinar, states, “The LXR® platform represents the culmination of years of dedicated research and development. By combining exceptional power, unwavering stability, and ultrafast pulse technology, we have created a truly groundbreaking solution that empowers manufacturers to redefine what is possible in micromachining.” With the LXR® platform, the symphony of power, precision, and speed is now in action.

Luxinar: A commitment to innovation and customer success

Luxinar has a well-deserved reputation for producing robust and reliable laser sources. The LXR® platform upholds this tradition by ensuring optimal uptime and productivity, backed by Luxinar's exceptional customer support and service.

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