G&H's Ashford Life Sciences Center Earns ISO 14001:2015 Certification for Environmental Management

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The Ashford-based Life Sciences Center of Excellence at G&H has been awarded the ISO 14001:2015 certification in Environmental Management Systems (EMS) by the International Organization for Standardization. This achievement reflects an ongoing effort at Gooch & Housego to implement and maintain corporate sustainability practices that reduce harmful environmental activities and maximize resource efficiency. The manufacturing site has been implementing environmental changes for a number of years to finally pass the accreditation with flying colors in 2024. This important milestone places G&H as an environmentally conscious business partner, ready to comply with environmental legislation, while also focusing on smart resource management.

ISO 14001:2015 is considered to be one of the essential environmental certifications for businesses around the world. As mentioned by the International Organization for Standardization, “In an age of heightened environmental consciousness and increasing global challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and resource depletion, organizations have a pivotal role to play. ISO 14001:2015 offers a structured approach for businesses to address these pressing concerns. By adopting this standard, organizations signal a commitment not only to regulatory compliance but also to ongoing environmental improvement. This proactive approach to environmental management can result in tangible benefits, such as reduced waste, energy conservation, and cost savings. Furthermore, it enhances an organization's reputation, fosters stakeholder trust, and often constitutes a critical step for engaging in global trade and supply chains. Simply put, ISO 14001:2015 stands as a testament to an organization's dedication to a sustainable future, blending environmental responsibility with strategic business growth.”

At G&H, the path towards environmental awareness and sustainability has been delineated by both product development and dedicated business practices. Working on the innovation front, as well as steering its global corporate environment towards a more eco-friendly outlook, Gooch and Housego has placed the betterment of the world through sustainable impact as one of its main operative goals.

“We are delighted to have passed the rigorous certification process of the International Organization for Standardization and achieve the ISO 14001:2015 status for our business. Our intention has always been to move beyond conversations on sustainability to implementing concrete, actionable steps that show what we stand for. While no framework in this industry is perfect, with each strategic move such as this one geared towards our ecological footprint, G&H gets closer to becoming a greener business partner in a world that cares more and more about its future”, says Isobel Nelson, Health and Safety Officer at G&H | ITL. 

Some of the implemented changes include:

  1. The installation of an initial 184.68 kWp of solar PV, which now has reached 207 kWp in power output; 
  2. The instalment of 9 battery systems that capture weekend solar surplus energy, amounting to 57 kW of newly captured green energy;
  3. The implementation of a top-level HVAC system and the removal of oil heating throughout the G&H facility;
  4. The installation of new double-glazed windows throughout the manufacturing site to prevent any potential heat loss;
  5. The introduction of waste stream separation within office environments and a zero-waste-to-landfill recovery which incorporates a full zero-waste hierarchy: prevent, reuse, recycle, recover, and dispose;
  6. The launch of an extensive company cycle-to-work scheme;
  7. The active promotion of car sharing and new work-from-home availability for employees;
  8. The installation of LED lighting for power saving purposes, including a timed lighting system in communal areas;
  9. Complying with ISO 50001:2018, which translates into conducting yearly Energy Management Audits that ensure an evolution towards the greenhouse gas (GHG) net zero target of 2050.

More environment-oriented actions are in plan for the optics and photonics leader. Another important manufacturing site (G&H | Stingray in the United States) has just passed Stage II of the audit process with a zero non-conformity report. Also, United Kingdom-based manufacturing locations such as G&H Ilminster and G&H Torquay hold an Eco Energy Supply Certificate awarded by TotalEnergies Gas and Power, which marks an additional step towards environmental accountability at Gooch & Housego. 

The field of optics and photonics bears an important responsibility towards keeping our planet healthy and thriving. On one side, the immense contributions this area can bring through optical technologies span from undersea to outer space management. On the other side, the manner in which processes and products are handled also plays a significant role in making lasting positive changes. With the ISO 14001:2015 certification of G&H | ITL and the subsequent environment-oriented plans of the company, G&H is showing its reliable commitment towards promoting a greener, healthier future.

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