VoxelSensors Demonstrates PERCEPT Technology to Enhance User Interaction

Posted  by GoPhotonics


VoxelSensors, a provider of empathic technology and spatial computing sensors, has introduced PERCEPT, a groundbreaking innovation that leverages the company’s proprietary Single Photon Active Event Sensor (SPAES) technology. Based on the accuracy and information obtained from SPAES sensor inputs, VoxelSensors’ PERCEPT software abstraction layer allows to deliver unparalleled combination of eye tracking and spatial awareness capabilities to wearable and mobile devices, stepping into a new era of empathic computing.

VoxelSensors’ PERCEPT represents a paradigm shift, enabling devices to have empathic abilities. This innovation transitions from on-demand interfaces to anticipatory ones, manifested in agents and unified user experience. These capabilities allow devices to comprehend user attention and intentions, enabling intuitive experiences through natural and anthropomorphic interactions with AI assistants,” said Boris Greenberg, VP of XR Solutions.

“The future lies in Spatial and Empathic Computing, where VoxelSensors is one of the first to demonstrate the value of new functionality,” said Johannes Peeters, CEO. “With VoxelSensors’ PERCEPT, we have unlocked a frontier by developing sensors that reliably perceive and understand user attention and intent in their environments. These abilities promise exciting new experiences surpassing anything we are familiar with today.”

At the heart of VoxelSensors’ PERCEPT is the company’s unique SPAES technology, operating at the fundamental limits of physics. SPAES sensors detect individual photons, generating ultra-high resolution data points at up to 100 million times per second with an unprecedented 10 ns refresh rate, unleashing low-latency and low-power 3D sensing, imaging, and gaze tracking performance combined with unique CMOS SPAD event-based sensors.

Key advantages of the SPAES architecture include:

  • Extreme Power Efficiency: Achieved through single-photon sensitivity.
  • Unmatched Latency: Single-photon sensing ensures minimal delay.
  • Ambient Light Immunity: SPAES sensors reject interference from ambient light.
  • Simplified Processing: Sequential data streams simplify data processing.

VoxelSensors’ PERCEPT harnesses these capabilities to produce a continuous, serialized data stream optimized for low compute and memory requirements. This flexibility allows real-time tuning of the density-latency trade-off, solving engineering challenges in wearable and mobile device architectures that previously had to make a trade-off between power, latency, and performance. With these capabilities, devices will be able to understand gestures, recognize physical saliency, record historical user decisions, and intuitively perceive user tasks, significantly advancing towards a human-like understanding of user attention and intent.

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