Report Forecasts Growth of Global Mini-LED and Micro-LED Displays Market for the Next 10 Years

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Research and Markets, the world's largest market research store, published a report on, the "Global Mini-LED and Micro-LED Displays Market". According to the report, the Global Market for Micro-LED Displays Market is an in-depth market report providing a comprehensive analysis of the emerging Mini-LED and Micro-LED display technologies and markets.

It evaluates the current status and future outlook for these next-generation LED displays across applications in consumer electronics, automotive, augmented reality, transparent displays, digital signage, and more. The report profiles over 80 leading companies developing Micro-LED products including display manufacturers, LED chip/emitter companies, equipment suppliers, and start-ups. It assesses their technology capabilities, product roadmaps, partnerships, and competitive positioning. 

Micro-LED is a self-emitting display consisting of arrays of microscopic LEDs each forming a pixel. Micro-LED commercial activity is picking on considerably. Apple has plans to invest>$2 billion in establishing smartwatch display production with an 8" Micro-LED chip fab at ams-Osram. Epistar and AUO are building a 6" Micro-LED foundry leveraging PlayNitride technology. AUO will also begin production of a smart watch display 1.39" in Q4 23. Jade Bird Display has commenced its production line in Hefei, with a total capacity of 120 million 0.13" Micro-LED panels. Several other companies have also set up pilot lines for production. and Samsung is planning to increase manufacturing of Micro-LED TVs in 2023. 

Detailed technical analysis is provided on Micro-LED manufacturing processes such as epitaxial growth, mass transfer techniques, assembly and interconnect technologies. The report compares performance metrics of Micro-LED displays including benefits/drawbacks versus LCD and OLED displays. In-depth market analysis is provided on adoption trends, drivers, and challenges across key industry verticals. Quantitative 10 year market forecasts are included for Mini-LED and Micro-LED display shipments and revenues globally and segmented by product categories, regions, and application markets. 

Overall this report is the most comprehensive source of strategic analysis on the transformative Mini-LED and Micro-LED display technologies and associated market opportunities through 2034. It is a vital reference for display industry participants, investors, electronics OEMs, and technology companies seeking an in-depth understanding of these emerging displays. 

Report contents include:

  • Technology Introductions to Mini-LED and Micro-LED Displays
  • Comparative Analysis of Mini-LED vs Micro-LED
  • Manufacturing Processes for Mini-LED and Micro-LED Displays
  • Chip Fabrication, Epitaxial Growth, Wafer Production
  • Assembly, Hybrid Integration, Mass Transfer Techniques
  • Defect Management, Repair and Optimization
  • Colour Conversion Technologies for Micro-LED
  • Analysis of Micro-LED Performance Metrics
  • Assessment of Benefits and Drawbacks vs LCD and OLED
  • Emerging Innovations: Flexible, Transparent, 3D Displays
  • Adoption Roadmaps and Market Opportunities by Application:
  • Consumer Electronics, Automotive Displays, Signage
  • AR/VR Devices, Transparent Displays, Lighting, Medical
  • Supply Chain Ecosystems for Micro-LED Displays
  • Company Profiles of 80 Micro-LED Developers. Companies profiled include AUO, eLux, Innolux, Jade Bird Display, LG Display, Mikro Mesa, Mojo Vision, PlayNitride, Porotech, Q-Pixel, Samsung Electronics, Tianma, and Sony.
  • 10-Year Market Forecasts for Micro-LED Display Shipments and Revenues
  • Analysis of Market Drivers, Trends, and Technology Challenges
  • Regional Markets: North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, ROW 

Key Topics Covered: 

  1. Report Aims and Objectives
  2. Executive Summary
    • The Mini-LED market
    • The Micro-LED market
    • The global display market
      • OLEDs
      • Quantum dots
      • Display technologies assessment
    • Benefits of Micro-LEDs
    • Micro-LEDs applications
    • Market and technology challenges
    • Industry developments 2020-2023
    • Recent micro-LED display innovations
    • Market activity in China
    • Global shipment forecasts for Micro-LEDs to 2034
      • Units
      • Revenues
  3. Technology Introduction
    • What are Micro-LEDs?
    • Mini-LED (mLED) vs Micro-LED (LED)
      • Display configurations
      • Development
      • Types
      • Production
      • Comparison to LCD, OLED AND QD
      • Micro-LED display specifications
      • Advantages
      • Tiled microLED displays
      • Costs
  4. Manufacturing
    • Epitaxy and Chip Processing
      • Materials
      • Substrates
      • Wafer patterning
      • Metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD)
      • Epitaxial growth requirement
      • Uniformity
      • Chip manufacturing
      • Epi-film transfer
      • Micro-LED Performances
    • Transfer, Assembly and Integration Technologies
      • Monolithic integration
      • Heterogeneous Wafers
      • GaN on Silicon
      • Mass transfer
      • Nanowires
      • Bonding and interconnection
  5. Defect Management
    • Overview
    • Defect types
    • Repair
    • Laser micro trimming
  6. Colour Conversion
    • Comparison of technologies
    • Full colour conversion
    • UV LED
    • Colour filters
    • Stacked RGB MicroLEDs
    • Three panel system
    • Phosphor Colour Conversion
    • Quantum dots colour conversion
    • Quantum wells
    • mproving image quality
  7. Light Management
    • Overview
  8. Backplanes and Driving
    • Overview
    • Technologies
  9. The Global Market for Micro-LED Displays
    • Market map
    • Consumer electronic display market
      • Products
    • Smartwatches and wearables
      • Apple's planned microLED smartwatch
      • Samsung
    • Smartphones
    • Samsung
      • Wall display
      • Neo QLED TV range
      • MicroLED CX TV line-up 216
    • LG
      • MAGNIT Micro-LED TV
      • Stretchable 12" microLED touch displays
    • TCL CSOT
    • Laptops, monitors and tablets
  10. Flexible, Stretchable and Foldable Micro-LED
    • The global foldable display market
    • Foldable Micro-LED displays
    • Product developers
  11. Biotech and Medical Displays
    • The global medical display market
    • Micro-LEDS
      • Micro-LEDs for medical applications
        • Implantable Devices
        • Lab-on-a-Chip
        • Endoscopy
        • Surgical Displays
        • Phototherapy
        • Biosensing
    • Product developers
  12. Automotive
    • Global automotive displays market
    • Mini-LED
      • Head-up display (HUD)
      • Headlamps
    • Product developers
  13. Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR)
    • Global market for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR)
    • AR/VR Smart glasses and head-mounted displays (HMDs)
    • Micro-LED contact lenses
    • Products and prototypes
  14. Transparent Displays
    • Global transparent displays market
    • Micro-LED transparent displays applications
    • Product developers
  15. Supply Chain
  16. Company Profiles (85 company profiles)

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