GeniusPros Technologies Introduces Latest Optical-solid-state Surface Array Laser Radar

Posted Oct 06, 2017 by Prerit Tomar

GeniusPros Technologies has unveiled its new signature optical-solid-state surface array laser radar at a product release event at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. A revolutionary advance that affirms the company's mission to provide a "Deep Vision Beyond", the new laser radar has drawn the attention of autonomous vehicle brands such as ZOOX, Waymo, Google and Janzsoft. The company has also laid out how it believes the fields of autonomous vehicles, intelligent robots, human behavior recognition and consumer electronics will evolve in the coming years, and how it is best positioned to succeed in that environment.

Based on GPT's first-generation ToF sensor chip, the three optical-solid-state surface laser radar frameworks fulfill 3D sensing requirements over close-range, medium-range, and long-distance applications. They provide 3D sensing capability with a large field of view (70 degrees) and high spatial resolution (0.006 degrees H), and can work in strong light conditions (100Klux). They can be applied in human behavior recognition, robot navigation and avoidance, optical inspection and ranging solutions for self-driving cars. GPT sensor combines pulsed laser, 2D GPT image sensor, and proprietary depth extraction algorithms, to achieve 2x to 5x higher depth resolution over similar products.

Reflected signals will only be transferred and collected to the sensor from a specified range of interest, therefore allowing users to accept light contributions from a user-controlled and programmable distance range while rejecting light contributions from outside of certain range. With their low cost and high spatial resolution, GPT's laser radars are an ideal choice for mass-produced autonomous cars, which utilize laser radars to generate intricate 3D maps of vehicles' surroundings to make informed decisions on reacting to different circumstances and obtain an advantage over conventional vehicles in terms of awareness levels.

GPT is also working with universities and academic institutions to build a dense 3D database for packed circumstances, which will have a revolutionary impact on the future development of artificial intelligence. Sheryl Root, the Program Director of Technology Ventures in Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley, Jiang Yuhong, the Counselor from Consulate-general of The People's Republic of China in San Francisco, and Del Christensen, Chief of Global Business Development of Bay Area Council attended the product release event. For more information, click here.