GEO Introduces World’s First Automotive Smart Viewing Camera Processor at CES 2018

Posted Jan 09, 2018 by

GEO Semiconductor, a market leader in camera video processor (CVP) for automotive viewing cameras has released GW5200 and GW5400 CVP’s for next generation automotive cameras. The GW5200 advances the state-of-the-art in automotive camera video quality and the GW5400 adds in-camera computer vision to enable ADAS functionality. These new CVP’s are designed for low power consumption and at a price point allowing the migration of advanced camera features to a broader-class of vehicles.

The GW5200 supports up to 8 megapixel resolution and is capable of processing two image sensors simultaneously. Superior video quality results from the seamless integration of GEO's proprietary 5th-generation eWARP geometric processor, multi-stream high dynamic range (HDR) combiner, and next generation image signal processor (ISP). On-chip combining of up to four exposures extends dynamic range to 145 dB while the ISP’s advanced noise filtering enhances low-light image quality. LED flicker mitigation (LFM) is enabled by pairing with the latest automotive image sensors.

The GW5400 builds on the GW5200’s advances by incorporating a computer vision processor which will run a wide range of vision algorithms. The processor and algorithms enable ADAS functions such as pedestrian detection, object detection, blind-spot detection, cross traffic alert, driver attention monitoring, lane departure warning, as well as target-less auto calibration (AutoCAL). This vision processor will allow OEM’s to design safety features into viewing cameras to alert drivers of dangerous conditions and ultimately save lives.

They also incorporate a versatile vector graphics engine that renders high resolution real-time graphics overlays to enable compelling user interfaces. Ready for automotive designs, the GW5 product family includes a built in CAN interface, and has been developed under ISO 26262 ASIL B and is AEC-Q100 Grade2 qualified. Both are available in 7mm x 7mm and 10mm x 10mm BGA packages.

The GW5200 and GW5400 will be demonstrated in GEO’s private suite at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2018 in Las Vegas from January 9-12.