ProPhotonix Introduces High-Performance Digital Laser Module Platform

Posted Feb 08, 2018 by ProPhotonix

ProPhotonix, at this year’s PhotonicsWest event, demonstrated its new PROdigii high-performance digital laser module platform. The laser module has been designed to deliver outstanding performance in the most challenging of operating environments.

The new compact laser module can be controlled and monitored through a digital RS485 communication interface providing laser output control and performance monitoring. Integral thermal management ensures exceptional output wavelength stabilization with enhanced diode life due to superior output power control and the ability to maintain consistent power levels. PROdigii incorporates a fast-start operation and allows for continuous performance monitoring.

The digital laser module platform is available in a range of wavelengths from 405 nm to 850 nm. Output powers of up 500 mW continuous wave or 1W pulsed are available. The laser module can be configured as a uniform line generator for 3D measurement applications or with a focused elliptical output beam for analytical, spectroscopic or high-precision alignment applications. The platform is ideally suited to high-speed automated inspection, 3D measurement especially in high ambient light or temperature conditions, chemical, and biomedical analysis. For more information, click here.