NUBURU Releases High Power Blue Laser for Materials Processing Applications

Posted Feb 09, 2018 by NUBURU

At the recently concluded PhotonicsWest event, NUBURU showcased its AO-150 high-power blue laser – the company’s first commercial product. The new high-power blue laser is already improving performance in a wide range of materials processing applications and is the industry-first combination of high power and short wavelength that enables a 3 to 10 times metal processing speed improvement.

Compared to infrared lasers, incumbent in many materials processing applications, high power blue laser light offers radical improvements in quality and speed in welding, cutting, brazing, and all forms of additive manufacturing. The AO-150 laser brings disruptive improvements to applications in many manufacturing fields: lithium battery fabrication, energy, aerospace, automotive, electronics packaging, and e-mobility.

NUBURU’s co-founder, Jean-Michel Pelaprat, noted that the short wavelength brings dual advantages to materials processing. Since blue light is highly absorbed by a wide range of metals, operations such as welding can be performed more quickly, with higher quality results. This opens up a new range of potential applications, such as the technically challenging task of welding copper foils for lithium batteries.


  • Country: United States
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