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The CCD3600A from ANDANTA is a 4.26 Megapixel Area CCD Image Sensor that has a resolution of 2064 (H) x 2064 (V) pixels. It is organized in two halves each containing an array of 2064 x 1032 pixels and can be operated in either buried-channel or MPP (Multi-Pinned Phase) mode. This backside-illuminated CCD image sensor has a pixel size of 15 μm x 15 μm and an image area of 30.96 mm x 30.96 mm. It has a fill factor of 100% and full well charge capacity of 200 ke-.

The CCD3600A has a readout noise of 2 e- (at 100k Hz) and minimum dark signal non-uniformity of 1 mV. It has a dark current of 3 e- /pix/hour and photo response non-uniformity of 10%. This CCD image sensor has a charge transfer efficiency above 0.99999, an amplifier sensitivity of 5 µV/e-, and output linearity below 2 e-. It requires a DC supply voltage of 24 V and is ideal for high-resolution scientific, space-based, industrial, and commercial electro-optical systems applications.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    4.26 Megapixel Area CCD Image Sensor for Scientific & Industrial Applications

General Parameters

  • Pixels :
    4.26 MP
  • Resolution
    2064(H) x 2064(V)
  • Pixel Size(H x V)
    15 µm x 15 µm
  • Package
    Multi-Pinned Phase
  • Sensor Type
    Back Illuminated Sensors, Frame Transfer Sensors
  • Frame Architecture
    Full Frame (FF), Frame Transfer (FT)
  • Chroma
    Ultraviolet, Visible, Near-Infrared
  • Charge Transfer Efficiency :
  • Fill Factor :
  • Power Supply Voltage
    15 to 30 V
  • Active Image Area
    30.96 x 30.96 mm2
  • Dark Current :
    3 to 5 e-/pix/hr
  • Data Rate
    100 kHz
  • Full Well Capacity
    150 to 200 ke-
  • Quantum Efficiency :
  • Readout Noise :
    2 to 4 e-rms
  • Sensitivity
    4 to 5 µV/e-
  • Note
    Suggested Load Resistor: 3 to 20 kOhms, Output Linearity: <2%

Technical Documents

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