CMOS Image Sensor by Teledyne e2v

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The TOPAZ 1.5M from Teledyne e2v is a B&W/Color CMOS Image Sensor that has a resolution of 1920 x 800. It has a global shutter and a 10/8 bit ADC that delivers a frame rate of 130 fps (8 bit) and 85 fps (10 bit). This image sensor has a 1/3.2 inch optical format and a 5:2 aspect ratio with a wake time better than 10 s. It has a dynamic range of 64 dB and a maximum SNR of 37.4 dB with a readout noise of 3.5 e-. This image sensor has a saturation capacity of 6000 e- and quantum efficiency of over 55% (at 520 nm). It consumes up to 200 mW of power and can be controlled via a I2C control interface and it uses a 1/2 lane MIPI CSI-2 for output. 

The TOPAZ 1.5M supports 2x MIMR/SIMR ROI modes and displays context swapping, image statistics and histogram in the image footer. It has comprehensive I/O trigger functionalities and frame to frame context based control registers. This image sensor has white balance control, dark offset and VFPN correction features and supports subsampling up to 1/64. It has on-chip voltage regulators/converters that can reduce power consumption to less than 1 mW in standby mode.

The TOPAZ 1.5M is available in a CSP package that measures 7.65 x 4.45 mm and is ideal for barcodes and OCR scanning, factory automation, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), robotics, logistics, professional drones, IoT edge devices, AR/VR and wearable security (body camera) applications.

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Product Details

  • Part Number
    TOPAZ 1.5M
  • Manufacturer
    Teledyne e2v
  • Description
    1.5 Megapixel B&W/Color CMOS Image Sensor

General Parameters

  • Resolution
    1920 (H) x 800 (V)
  • Mega Pixels
    1.5 MP
  • Optical Format
    1/3.2 Inch
  • Package Type
  • Chroma
    B/W, Monochrome, Color
  • Shutter Type
    Global Shutter
  • Frame Rate
    85 to 130 Frames/sec
  • ADC Resolution
    8 Bit, 10 Bit
  • Pixel Size
    2.5 µm
  • Pixel
    1.5 MP
  • Dynamic Range
    64 dB
  • Pixel Type
  • SNR
    37.4 dB
  • Power Consumption
    <200 mW
  • Note
    Aspect Ratio: 5:2, Diagonal CRA: 13° or 20°, Total Readout Noise: 3.5 e-, Saturation capacity: 6000 e-

Connections & Interface

  • Interface
    MIPI CSI-2


  • Application
    Barcodes and OCR scanning, Factory automation, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI), Robotics, Logistics, Professional drones, IoT edge devices, AR/VR, Wearable security (body camera)
  • Application Type

Physical Properties

  • Package
    CSP Package
  • Dimensions
    7.65 mm x 4.45 mm


  • Operating Temperature
    -40 to 85 Degree C

Technical Documents

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