CMOS Image Sensor by Sony Corporation

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The IMX390CQV from Sony is the Industry's First High-Sensitivity CMOS Image Sensor for Automotive Cameras, with simultaneous LED Flicker Mitigation and High-Quality HDR Shooting. This is made possible by Sony's original pixel structure and exposure method. It also offers high-sensitivity performance capable of producing high-quality color images even in light conditions as low as 0.1 lux, which is equivalent to moonlight.

LEDs have been widely adopted for traffic signs and signals, and also for car components such as headlights and brake lights. An important factor for automotive cameras is to be able to capture high-quality images with a wide dynamic range, even in situations of dramatic contrast, such as when entering or exiting tunnels during daylight hours. This image sensor simultaneously uses both the LED flicker mitigation and HDR functions to deal with these types of situations, providing more precise recognition in the diverse real-world traffic environments that drivers encounter.

 Product Specifications

    Product Details

    • Part Number :
    • Manufacturer :
      Sony Corporation
    • Description :
      High Sensitivity CMOS Image Sensor for Automotive Cameras

    General Parameters

    • Pixel Size :
      3 µm (H) x 3 µm (V)
    • Resolution :
      2017(H) x 1217(V)
    • Chroma :
    • Optical Format :
      1/2.7 inch
    • ADC Resolution :
      10 Bit, 12 Bit
    • HD Format :
      Full HD-1080p
    • Sensitivity :
      1953 mV
    • Frame Rate :
      40 to 60 fps
    • Dynamic Range :
      110 to 120 dB
    • Supply Voltage :
      1.8 V(Interface), 1.2 V(Digital), 2.9 V(Analog)
    • Package Type :
    • Mega Pixels :
      2.45 MP
    • Note :
      Illuminance : 0.1 lux, Saturation signal: 700mVfra

    Connections & Interface

    • Interface :
      MIPI CSI-2 serial output (4 lane / 2 lane)


    • Application :
      HDR Shooting, LED Flicker Mitigation, Automotive Camera

    Physical Properties

    • Optical Diagonal :
      6.67 mm
    • Package :
      96-pin plastic BGA
    • Dimensions :
      10.0mm x 10.6mm

    Technical Documents