CMOS Image Sensor by Teledyne Imaging

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The IC-49-12K2F-00-R from Teledyne Imaging is a CMOS Image Sensor that has resolutions of 12288 x 2 (for each panchromatic band) and 3072 x 4 (for each multispectral band) pixels. It has a global shutter that delivers a maximum line rate of 38 kHz (panchromatic band) & 9.5 kHz (multispectral band) and has a dynamic range of above 65 dB. This front-side illuminated image sensor has a pixel size of 7 µm x 7 µm for panchromatic bands & 28 µm x 28 µm for multispectral bands and an RMS noise of up to 34 e- for panchromatic bands & 100 e- for multispectral bands. It has a full well capacity of 70k e- (for PB) & 280k e- (for MS) and an average dark current of up to 4 nA/cm².

The IC-49-12K2F-00-R combines Charge Domain Time Delay Integration (TDI) CCD functionality on a CMOS chip, offering the best of both technologies. It has four filtered multispectral bands and two panchromatic bands, all in a single integrated CMOS die and package. With a horizontal resolution of 3072 for each multispectral band and 12288 for each panchromatic band along with lateral anti-blooming (LAB) and continuous vertical clocking, the sensors guarantee exceptional images with very high modulation transfer function (MTF). The two panchromatic bands with half-pixel (3.5 μm) offset, in both horizontal and vertical directions, allow super-resolution imaging to further enhance the resolution. It can be controlled via a CML interface and uses a 12-bit on-chip ADC for output. This image sensor consumes 6 W of power and is available in a die package. It is ideal for earth observation, remote sensing, and aerial reconnaissance applications.

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Teledyne Imaging
  • Description
    12K Front-Side illuminated CMOS Image Sensor for Remote Sensing Applications

General Parameters

  • Resolution
    12288 (H) x 2 (V), 3072 (H) x 4 (V)
  • Package Type
  • Shutter Type
    Global Shutter
  • ADC Resolution
    12 Bit
  • Pixel Size
    7 µm x 7 µm (P), 28 µm x 28 µm (MS)
  • Line Rate
    38 kHz (P), 9.5 kHz (MS)
  • Dynamic Range
    >65 dB
  • Type
    Line Scan Image Sensor
  • Pixel Type
  • Note
    Average dark current: <4 nA/cm², Full Well Capacity: 70k e- (P), 280k e- (MS), Noise RMS: <34 e- (P), <100 e- (MS), Power dissipation: <6 W, P means Panchromatic and MS means Multispectral


  • Application
    Earth Observation, Remote Sensing, Aerial Reconnaissance

Physical Properties

  • Package

Technical Documents

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