Fiber Optic Amplifier by Coherent Inc.

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The Opera-F from Coherent is an optical parametric amplifier (OPA) that delivers a broad tuning range from 650 nm to 900 nm (Signal) and 1200 nm to 2500 nm (Idler). It is a two stage OPA seeded by a white-light continuum and pumped by the second harmonic of the Monaco amplifier. This OPA uses a non-collinear first stage to generate a broad bandwidth and a collinear second stage to generate the large tunable range. It is pumped by an input power of 40 W at 1 MHz from a Monaco amplifier and can deliver an output power of over 4 W (signal + idler). The pulse widths of the signal output of this OPA can be compressed to less than 75 fs using a prism-based compressor, and the idler pulses under 100 fs, using a bulk compressor. It has a signal + idler conversion efficiency of over 10% and is ideal for optogenetics, surface spectroscopy and multiphoton excitation microscopy applications.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Coherent Inc.
  • Description
    Optical Parametric Amplifier for Yb Systems

General Parameters

  • Amplifier Type
    Optical Parametric Amplifier
  • Application
    Multiphoton Excitation (MPE) Microscopy, Optogenetics (Photo Activation), Time-resolved Spectroscopy, Multidimensional Spectroscopy, Surface Spectroscopy
  • Output Type
  • Package Type
  • Input Power
    0 to 40 W
  • Input Power
    0 to 46.02 dBm(40 W)
  • Saturated Output Power
    0 to 36.2 dBm(4 W)
  • Saturated Output Power
    0 to 4 W
  • Wavelength
    650 nm to 900 nm (Signal), 1200 nm to 2500 nm (Idler)
  • Note
    Pulse Bandwidth: 200 to 2000 nm, Pulse Width: 50 fs to 100 fs

Technical Documents

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