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The PL-SOA-C-A81-W1550-SASA from LD-PD Inc is a CW/Pulsed Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (SOA) that operates at a wavelength of 1528 nm - 1562 nm. It has a center wavelength of 1550 nm and saturated output power of 26 dBm (at -3 dB). This high-gain optical amplifier has an extinction ratio of 30 dB - 35 dB and a small signal gain of 35 dB. It has a gain flatness of 5 dB and gain ripple of 0.1 dB. This single-pass, traveling-wave amplifier has a polarization-dependent gain of 2 dB and noise figure of 6 dB. It has a chip length of 1.5 mm and waveguide refractive index of 3.2.

The PL-SOA-C-A81-W1550-SASA consists of a highly efficient InP/InGaAsP Multiple Quantum Well (MQW) layer structure. It has a built-in thermoelectric cooler and thermistor with a thermistor resistance of 10 kOhms. This SOA has a forward voltage of 1.6 V and consumes 1000 mA of current. It supports FC/APC connectors and also has SM or PM fiber with a diameter of 0.9 mm. This SOA is available in a 14-pin butterfly package and is ideal for fiber transmission systems, fiber optic gyros, fiber optic sensors, optical coherence tomography, and testing light source applications.

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    LD-PD Inc
  • Description
    1550 nm CW/Pulsed Semiconductor Optical Amplifier for Fiber Transmission Systems

General Parameters

  • Amplifier Type
    Semiconductor Optical Amplifier, Travelling Wave Amplifier
  • Application
    Fiber transmission systems, Fiber optic gyros, Fiber optic sensors, Optical coherence tomography, Testing Light source
  • Connectors
  • Current
    1000 to 1500 mA
  • Fiber Modes
  • Gain Bandwidth
    60 to 70 nm
  • Gain Flatness
    5 to 7 dB
  • Output Type
    CW, Pulse
  • Package Type
    14-pin butterfly package
  • Polarization Dependent Gain
    2 to 2.3 dB
  • Polarization Extinction Ratio
    30 to 35 dB
  • Wavelength
    1550 nm
  • Noise Figure
    6 to 9.5 dB
  • Saturated Output Power
    20 dBm
  • Saturated Output Power
    0.1 W
  • Signal Gain
    30 to 35 dB
  • Wavelength
    1550 nm
  • Note
    Forward Voltage: 1.6 to 1.8 V, Chip Length: 1.5 mm, Thermistor Resistance: 10 kOhms, Fiber diameter: 0.9 mm

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