Femtosecond Parametric Amplifier

Fiber Optic Amplifier by VENTEON

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VENTEON Laser Technologies is proud to introduce the first complete, commercial OPCPA system worldwide! As an expert in ultrashort pulse generation, VENTEON now takes the next step in transferring the exceptional bandwidth and performance of their ultra-broadband laser systems into a revolutionary amplifier system. The new VENTEON | PULSE : THREE OPCPA system can provide a unique combination of few-cycle pulse duration together with a pulse energy within the µJ-regime at high repetition rates. The excellent output stability and the ability for a CEP stabilization, make this amplifier system to the ideal source for nonlinear spectroscopy or high harmonic generation. In contrast to commonly used Ti:sapphire-based multipass or regenerative amplifier systems, the parametric amplification process - the key technology of the VENTEON OPCPA system - features a much larger gain bandwidth that is ideally suited to support the bandwidth and pulse duration generated by the broadband VENTEON femtosecond oscillators. The basis of the new OPCPA system is the VENTEON | PULSE : ONE OPCPA SEED laser system providing an ultra-broadband signal and additionally a narrowband pump seed @ 1030 nm. Since both laser outputs are filtered directly from the native laser spectrum and are generated without any nonlinear broadening, a low timing jitter can be achieved resulting in a low residual noise in the final OPCPA output. The VENTEON | PULSE : THREE prototype OPCPA system comprises a VENTEON | PULSE : ONE OPCPA SEED oscillator, high-power pump amplifier stages and parametric amplifier stages in a modular but one-box setup. With a pulse repetition rate in the range between 200 kHz up to 1 MHz and a pulse energy of several µJ at a pulse duration of < 8 fs, a peak power of several hundreds of Megawatts can be achieved with this amplifier system!

 Product Specifications

    Product Details

    • Part Number :
      Femtosecond Parametric Amplifier
    • Manufacturer :

    General Parameters

    • Amplifier Type :
      Femtosecond Amplifier
    • Gain Bandwidth :
      Spectral Bandwidth: 300 nm
    • Saturated Output Power :
      15 dBm
    • Saturated Output Power :
      0.0316 W

    Technical Documents

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