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The LMS200 from Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems is a He-Ne Laser Interferometer that operates at a wavelength of 632.8 nm. It has a measurement range of up to 200 mm and direct reading range of 200 mm. This interferometer has an uncertainty of 0.05 + 0.5L µm and repeatability of 0.04 µm. It has a Tungsten Carbide Flatt (1/10 wave) measuring probe with a Ø 0.25" diamond tip. The probe is motorized & remote-controlled to improve system stability and eliminate operator influence. It can measure specimens of up to 293 mm x 203 mm in size and has a probe contact force of 14 grams. This interferometer has two-step calibration, an advanced time-saving feature that allows calibration using two lab-grade, traceable gage blocks and takes only 30 seconds from start to finish. 

The LMS200 can operate in direct reading or comparator modes and has a programmable automatic cycling feature that supports a user-defined constant throughput rate. This interferometer stores the summation of all measurements on command and can display stats indicating the computed mean value & one standard deviation. It requires an AC supply voltage of 110/120 V - 220/240 V and consumes 1 A - 2 A of current. This interferometer is available in a package that measures 56 cm x 41 cm x 79 cm and is ideal for the measurement of balls/spheres, magnetic tape/disk substrates, optical components, poly films, gage blocks/slip gauges, coating thickness standards, plug & pin gauges, thread wires, film thickness, gauge block stacks, mesh thickness, textiles, and precision parts.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Pratt & Whitney Measurement Systems
  • Description
    632.8 nm He-Ne Laser Interferometer for Thickness Measurement Applications

General Parameters

  • Type
    Laser Interferometer
  • Measurement Type
    Thickness, Length
  • Wavelength
    632.8 nm
  • Measuring Length
    0 to 8 inch
  • Dimensions
    22 x 16 x 31 inch, 56 x 41 x 79 cm
  • Power Supply
    110 / 120 VAC 60 Hz (2 AMP), 220 / 240 VAC 50 Hz (1 AMP)
  • Weight
    196 kg


  • Applications
    Dimension Measurement, Gage Block Measurement

Technical Documents

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