Monsoon Series

Laser Diode by II-VI Incorporated

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The Monsoon Series from II-VI Incorporated are compact framed vertical stack modules built with high-power laser diode bars to provide an extremely compact source of very high-intensity light up to multiple kW. The modules can stack up to 36 laser bars with 50 - 200W CW power per bar in a single stack module and are available in standard wavelengths at 790nm, 808nm, 880nm. The vertical stack modules can be equipped with fast axis collimation (FAC) and slow axis collimation (SAC), as well as custom beam shaping. Monsoon stack modules are actively water-cooled to enable low thermal resistance and high output power without sacrificing lifetime. The modules are ideal for Solid-state laser pumping, Medical/Life and health sciences, Material processing and Defense applications.

 Product Specifications

    Product Details

    • Part Number :
      Monsoon Series
    • Manufacturer :
      II-VI Incorporated
    • Description :
      High Power Laser Diode Bar on Micro-Channel Cooler and Multi-Bar Modules


    • Application :
      Solid-state Laser Pumping, Material Processing, Printing and Reprographics, Medical, Life and Health Sciences, Defense and Security, Illumination
    • Application Industry :
      Medical, Industrial, Defense

    General Parameters

    • Configuration :
      Stack, Array
    • Bar Configuration :
      Vertical, Horizontal
    • Operation Mode :
      CW Laser
    • Wavelength :
      795 to 1060 nm
    • Wavelength Tolerance :
      ± 3nm /± 10nm
    • Spectral Width (FWHM) :
      2.5 nm, 5 nm
    • Laser Class :
      Class 4
    • No. of Bars :
      8 / 12 Bars
    • Laser Color :
    • Fiber Modes :
    • Package Type :
    • Stack/Array :
    • Type :
      Free Space Laser Diode
    • Output Power (CW) :
      100, 200 W

    Physical Properties

    • RoHS :

    Technical Documents

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