PLANEX 1550 nm Laser Diode

Laser Diode by Redfern Integrated Optics

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The PLANEX 1550 nm Laser Diode from Redfern Integrated Optics is a Narrow Linewidth External Cavity Laser Diode that operates from 1530 to 1565 nm. It delivers an output power of 30 mW and provides optical isolation of over 40 dB. The laser diode has a narrow linewidth of less than 1 kHz and is low sensitivity to vibration & acoustic noise. It consists of a gain chip and a planar lightwave circuit (PLC) that includes a Bragg grating. The laser diode is ideal for acoustic and seismic sensing, defense and security, oil & gas – exploration and production, LIDAR and remote sensing, interferometric fiber optic sensing, metrology, RF and microwave photonics, and coherent communication applications.

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Product Details

  • Part Number
    PLANEX 1550 nm Laser Diode
  • Manufacturer
    Redfern Integrated Optics


  • Application
    Acoustic and seismic sensing, Defense and security, Oil & Gas – exploration and production, LIDAR and remote sensing, Interferometric fiber optic sensing, Metrology, RF and microwave photonics, Coherent communication
  • Application Industry
    Communications, Defense and Security, Oil & Gas

General Parameters

  • Configuration
    Single Emitter
  • Technology
    External Cavity Lasers
  • Operation Mode
    CW / Pulsed
  • Wavelength
    1530 to 1565 nm
  • Output Power
    10 to 30 mW
  • Laser Class
    Class IIIB
  • Fiber Modes
    Single Mode
  • Polarization Extinction Ratio
    > 20 dB
  • Package Type
  • Type
    Fiber-Coupled Laser Diode

Physical Properties

  • RoHS


  • Operating Temperature
    -5 to 75 degree C

Technical Documents

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