Premiumlite YAG Series

Laser by Amplitude Laser

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The Premiumlite YAG Series from Amplitude are Flashlamp-Pumped Lasers that operate at 532 and 1064 nm. These products are based upon a Pseudo Active Mirror Disk Amplifier Module (PAMDAM). The high homogeneity of the gain deposition in the PAMDAM results in a smooth top-hat beam profile. In a single box, these lasers can generate a single beam and a single pulse with up to 750 W average power at 10 Hz with a pulse energy of over 25 J. It has a pointing stability of less than 50 µrad and divergence of under 500 µrad.

This laser is ideal for laser peeing, laser forming, aircraft and automotive industries, nuclear decontamination, laser bond inspection, and Ti: Sapphire pumping for PW and multi-PW Laser systems. The modular approach of the design permits easy upgrade of the laser in a short time schedule; additional PAMDAMs can be added to increase the average power for higher throughput and a set of options is available to match the customers’ special requirements.

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Product Details

  • Part Number
    Premiumlite YAG Series
  • Manufacturer
    Amplitude Laser

General Parameters

  • Configuration
    Laser Head with Control Unit (Integrated)
  • Type
    Laser System
  • Operation Mode
    Pulsed Laser
  • Ultrafast Laser
    Nanosecond Lasers
  • Wavelength
    532 nm, 1064 nm
  • Mode
    Single Mode
  • Power
    0 to 750 W
  • Pulse Energy
    55 to 75 J
  • Pulse Width
    6 ns ± 2
  • Application
    Inspection, Material Processing, Microelectronics, Patterning, Ti:Sapphire pumping
  • Polarization
    Linear, Circular
  • Repetition Rate
    Up to 10 Hz
  • Gain Medium Type
    Solid State (Crystal / Glass)
  • Laser Gain Medium
  • Application Industry
    Aerospace & Defense, Inspection / Analysis / Detection, Industrial, Semiconductors & Microelectronics
  • Beam Divergence
    < 500 µrad
  • Laser Class
    Class 4
  • Energy Stability
    < 3% P-V over 8H (after warm-up time)
  • Pointing Stability
    < 50 µrad
  • Pulse to Pulse Stability
    < 1 % RMS at 1064 nm and < 1.5 % RMS at 532 nm

Physical Properties

  • Weight
    2500 kg
  • Beam Diameter
    44 mm ± 2.5, 55 mm ± 2.5

Environmental Conditions

  • Cooling Method
  • Operating Temperature
    8 to 12 Degree

Technical Documents

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