Surelite EX

Laser by Amplitude Laser

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The Surelite EX from Amplitude Laser is a High Energy Nd:YAG Nanosecond Laser that operates at three wavelengths: 266 nm, 355 nm, 532 nm, and 1064 nm. It produces pulse energy from 70-700 mJ with a pulse repetition rate of 10 Hz and has a pulse width from 3-6 ns. The laser has a divergence of 0.5 mrad and a beam pointing stability of ±50 µrad. It provides a uniform distribution of energy across the beam profile while minimizing hot spots and modulation. This optimal beam quality allows for maximum energy conversion in OPOs and Ti: Sapphire systems.

The Surelite EX also has a seeded version that produces a smoother repeatable temporal pulse shape and much narrower linewidth for better conversion efficiency in OPOs. It supports RS-232 and TTL interfaces for remote or local operation and is incorporated with Gaussian optics to provide low divergence and high spatial uniformity in the beam. The laser is available in a module that measures 775 x 178 x 190 mm and is ideal for material sorting (recycling), weld inspection, cleaning, LIBS, skin surfacing, tattoo removal, pump source, medical device manufacturing, LIDAR, Thomson scattering, laser thermal annealing, pump source, LIF, and PLIF applications.

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Product Details

  • Part Number
    Surelite EX
  • Manufacturer
    Amplitude Laser
  • Description
    High Energy Nd:YAG Laser

General Parameters

  • Configuration
    Laser Head with Control Unit (Integrated)
  • Type
    Laser System
  • Technology
    Solid State Laser
  • Operation Mode
    Pulsed Laser
  • Ultrafast Laser
    Nanosecond Lasers
  • Wavelength
    266, 355, 532, 1064 nm
  • Tunable
  • Fiber Coupled
  • Laser Color
    Ultraviolet, Green, Infrared
  • Pulse Energy
    70 to 700 mJ
  • Pulse Width
    3 to 6 nS
  • Spectral Width
    0.005 to 1 cm-1
  • Application
    Material sorting (recycling), Weld inspection, Cleaning, LIDAR, Thomson Scattering, Laser Thermal Annealing, Pump Source, LIF, PLIF, LIBS, Skin Surfacing, Tattoo Removal, Pump Source, Medical device manufacturing
  • Repetition Rate
    10 Hz
  • Gain Medium Type
    Solid State (Crystal / Glass)
  • Laser Gain Medium
    Nd:YAG, Ti:Sapphire
  • Application Industry
    Industrial (Material Processing), LIDAR & Sensing, Scientific, Semiconductors & Microelectronics, Medical
  • Beam Divergence
    0.5 mrad
  • Current
    10 A
  • Energy Stability
    0.8 to 7 % RMS
  • Pointing Stability
    50 ┬Árad / Degree C
  • Pulse Energy
    70 to 700 mJ
  • Interface
  • Power Supply
    220 to 240 V

Physical Properties

  • Laser Head Dimension
    775 x 178 x 190 mm
  • Laser Head Weight
    24 kg
  • Power Supply Dimension
    622 x 282 x 508 mm
  • Power Supply Weight
    44 kg
  • Beam Diameter
    9.5 mm

Environmental Conditions

  • Operating Temperature
    18 to 30 Degree C

Technical Documents

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