HighLight FL-ARM Compact Series

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The HighLight FL-ARM Compact Series from Coherent are Adjustable Ring Mode (ARM) Fiber Lasers that deliver an output power of 2 to 10 W and offer excellent stability over the entire power range from 1 to 100%. They operate at a wavelength of 1070 nm. Adjustable ring mode refers to the unique output beam from this laser, which consists of two independently controllable, co-axial beams from a single delivery fiber. These lasers require AC supply voltages of 400/440/480 and consume up to 25 A of current.

These high power fiber lasers offer all the same operational benefits as coherent compact high-power FL-ARM lasers. Additionally, they maximize operational flexibility through the addition of either a Fiber-Fiber-Switch (FFS) or Fiber-Fiber-Coupler (FFC), which allows power sequentially between two separate workstations or processes. This increases throughput in cost-sensitive, high volume welding applications, particularly in automotive manufacturing, such as welding of doors, hang-on parts, ultra-high-strength steel components, and aluminum body frames. Alternately, the second fiber can act as a redundant backup for the first, thus minimizing service downtime if the first process fiber becomes damaged through use.

HighLightTM FL-ARM Compact lasers are available in two configurations. A multi-mode version (the center spot is multi-transverse mode), provides the ability to join parts having large or inconsistent gaps, while producing improved joint strength and a smaller heat affected zone (HAZ). It also delivers high speed and high throughput, spatter-free processing, and lowers overall production costs by largely eliminating the need for postprocessing. It is particularly useful for applications such as crack-free welding of aluminum without filler wire, and zero-gap lap welding of zinc-coated steel. A superior brightness version of the laser (1.5 kW center + 2.5 kW ring) with the 22 µm center core diameter and 15 m fiber length producing significantly smaller spot size, is also available. 

These lasers are available as a benchtop unit that measures 794 x 916 x 824 with field bus (Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Profibus, Devicenet, Ethercat), scanner control interface, multi-station interface. They are specifically designed to enable high-quality welding of challenging materials like high-strength steel, aluminum, or copper, and are physically small enough for space-constrained installations. Particular applications for HighLight FL-ARM Compact lasers are zero-gap welding of zinc-coated steel, and welding aluminum without filler wire, while still producing minimal spatter, and no hot cracking.

 Product Specifications

    Product Details

    • Part Number :
      HighLight FL-ARM Compact Series
    • Manufacturer :
      Coherent Inc.
    • Description :
      1070 nm High-Power Adjustable Ring Mode Fiber Lasers

    General Parameters

    • Configuration :
      Laser Head with Control Unit (Integrated)
    • Type :
      Laser System
    • Operation Mode :
      CW/Pulsed Laser
    • Wavelength :
      1060 to 1080 nm
    • Tunable :
    • Fiber Coupled :
    • Mode :
      Multi Mode
    • Laser Color :
    • Power :
      2000 to 10000 W
    • Application :
      Cutting, Welding, Material Processing
    • Application Industry :
      Industrial (Material Processing)
    • Laser Class :
      Class 3A
    • Power Stability :
      ± 1
    • Interface :
    • Voltage :
      400 to 480 V

    Physical Properties

    • Dimension :
      794 x 916 x 824 mm
    • Weight :
      350 kg
    • Fiber diameter :
      Center Diameter 70 µm, Ring outer diameter 180 µm / Center Diameter 50 µm, Ring outer diameter 140 µm

    Environmental Conditions

    • Operating Temperature :
      5 to 40 Degree C

    Technical Documents

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