QOMO Laser

Laser by II-VI Suwtech

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The low noise QOMO laser head series from II-VI Suwtech are ideal for analytical instruments in life sciences, including for flow cytometers, confocal microscopes and bio-medical imaging applications. The first lasers from the QOMO series operate at 488 and 638 nm for dual-wavelength flow cytometry configurations and with output powers of up to 150 mW for confocal microscopy applications. The series will expand to cover additional wavelengths to enable simultaneous fluorescence analysis and other bio-medical imaging applications.

 Product Specifications

    Product Details

    • Part Number :
      QOMO Laser
    • Manufacturer :
      II-VI Suwtech
    • Description :
      up to 150 mW Output Power, Low Noise Laser Head for Bio-Medical Instruments

    General Parameters

    • Configuration :
      Laser Head
    • Type :
      Laser System
    • Operation Mode :
      CW Laser
    • Wavelength :
      488 and 638 nm
    • Tunable :
    • Fiber Coupled :
    • Laser Color :
      Blue, Red
    • Application :
      Flow Cytometers, Confocal Microscopes, Bio-Medical Imaging
    • Application Industry :
    • Power :
      up to 150 mW