LDM-XT laser series

Laser by LASOS

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The LDM-XT Laser Series from LASOS are Laser Diode Modules that operate from 375 to 980 nm. These lasers deliver a maximum output power of 220 mW (free beam, TS version) and 120 mW (fiber-coupled, FS version) with power stability of ±2%. They have a beam quality of less than 1.3 M2 and a beam diameter of 0.8 mm. With the compact and robust housing, easy setup, and intelligent control these lasers are the ideal choice when reliability and accuracy matter. The fiber patch cord can be designed by the customer by choosing from various jackets and connector options. Their modular concept allows adapting different requirements regarding optical and electronical properties.

The laser diode modules are available in a free beam version or with a permanently aligned coupling into a single-mode polarization-maintaining fiber. Additionally, the customer can choose from a range of optomechanical components like precision fiber plugs and sockets for adjustment-free docking to an instrument or beam combining to transfer several beams into one collinear beam or (one) fiber. Based on these features, the LDM-XT laser series is ideal for microscopy, flow cytometry, bioanalytical research, industrial measurement, testing, and science and education.

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Product Details

  • Part Number
    LDM-XT laser series
  • Manufacturer

General Parameters

  • Configuration
    OEM Laser Module
  • Type
    Laser System
  • Wavelength
    375 to 980 nm
  • Fiber Coupled
  • Power
    14 to 250 mW
  • Spectral Width
    < 3 nm
  • Application
    Bio-Medical, Research & Developments, Flow Cytometry, Microscopy, Life Science
  • Polarization ratio
  • Rise/Fall Time
    <1 µs, < 10 ns
  • Application Industry
    Medical, Test & Measurement / Instrumentation
  • Beam Quality Factor (M2)
    < 1.3
  • Current
    80 mA
  • Digital Modulation
    1 MHz (Power Mode), 100 MHz (Current Mode)
  • Analog Modulation
    1 MHz (Power Mode), 100 MHz (Current Mode)
  • Power Stability
    +/- 2%
  • Pointing Stability
    <6 µrad / K
  • Modulation Depth
    1:100 (1MHz), 1:25 (50 MHz)
  • RMS Noise Power
    <0.5 % rms
  • Voltage
    12 V

Physical Properties

  • Beam Diameter
    0.8 mm

Environmental Conditions

  • Operating Temperature
    10 to 40 Degree C
  • Storage Temperature
    -10 to 55 Degree C

Technical Documents

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