LDH-I Series

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The LDH-I Series from PicoQuant are smart laser heads compatible with the Taiko PDL M1 driver. They provide wavelengths in the spectral range from 375 to 1550 nm and include a power calibration. When coupled with a Taiko PDL M1, their optical output power can be controlled in both pulsed and continuous modes. The laser heads emit picosecond pulses with a full width at half maximum (FWHM) around 90 ps or below. For some laser heads even pulse widths down to 20 ps are possible.

The calibrated laser heads are designed to emit constant pulse energy at any repetition rate for a given intensity setting. Doubling the repetition rate therefore effectively doubles the average output power. The resulting levels of optical output power are measured and saved in the internal memory of the laser head as mW / W calibration data for all repetition rates between 1 MHz and 100 MHz typically. The maximum repetition rate depends on each single diode and is typically 100 MHz. For some laser heads a maximum repetition rate of e.g., 60 MHz is recommended in order to ensure constant pulse energy at all repetition rate.

The laser heads of the LDH-I Series can be operated in pulsed, burst, and CW mode. These laser heads are capable of hot plugging, which means that swapping laser heads to change wavelength no longer requires to turn off the driver.

 Product Specifications

    Product Details

    • Part Number :
      LDH-I Series
    • Manufacturer :
    • Description :
      375 to 1550 nm Smart Laser Diode Heads for Taiko PDL M1 Laser Driver

    General Parameters

    • Configuration :
      Laser Head
    • Type :
      Laser Module
    • Operation Mode :
      CW/Pulsed Laser
    • Ultrafast Laser :
      Picosecond Lasers
    • Wavelength :
      375 to 1550 nm
    • Tunable :
    • Fiber Coupled :
    • Laser Color :
      Near-Infrared, Infrared, Green, Blue, Ultraviolet, Red, Yellow
    • Power :
      0 to 0.05 W
    • Output Power (CW) :
      2 to 20 mW
    • Pulse Width :
      40 to 150 ps( as short as 40 ps)
    • Spectral Width :
      2 to 8 nm@< 900 nm, 10 to 20 nm@> 900 nm, < 1 nm(CW)
    • Application :
      Time-Resolved Measurements, Lifetime Spectroscopy & Microscopy, FLIM, FCS, STED, Semiconductor Diagnostic & Detector Calibration, LiDAR, Seeding
    • Polarization Orientation :
    • Polarization ratio :
      1:10 (> 10 dB)
    • Repetition Rate :
      Single shot to 100 MHz
    • Application Industry :
      Military, Medical, Industrial
    • Beam Divergence :
      0.11 mrad (Parallel), 0.32 mrad (Perpendicular)
    • Power Stability :
      1% RMS, 3 % Peak to Peak
    • Numerical Aperture :
    • Wavelength Accuracy :
      ± 10 nm
    • Note :
      Compatible with the Taiko PDL M1 driver

    Physical Properties

    • Laser Head Dimension :
      With Fiber Coupling: 76 x 207 mm(diameter x length). Without Fiber Coupling: 76 x 175 mm (diameter x length)

    Technical Documents

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