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The ULTRA 100 from Quantel laser by LUMIBIRD is a Lamp Pumped Solid State Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser that operates at a wavelength of 1062, 532, 355, 213, 266 nm and 1.57 μm. It provides an energy per pulse of up to 100 mJ with up to 6% pulse to pulse energy stability. This laser has a pulse duration of up to 10.5 s and a repetition rate of 1-20 Hz. It produces a beam of up to 4 mm in diameter and beam divergence up to 12 mrad with less than 50 μrad pointing stability. This laser has multimode resonators (stable or GRM) and has integrated motorized variable attenuator and harmonics options. It is built to withstand harsh environments and features a degree of ruggedization not found in typical scientific lasers. This laser design has been vibration tested and each laser is temperature cycled overnight and tested again before shipping to ensure the laser arrives aligned and ready for use.

The ULTRA 100 requires an AC supply of 100-240 V and consumes up to 850 W of power. It is available in an IP66 sealed laser head module that measures 177 x 76 x 52 mm and is ideal for LIBS, pumping, FPD repair, LiDAR, ablation, pulsed laser deposition and photoacoustic imaging applications.

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Product Details

  • Part Number
    ULTRA 100
  • Manufacturer
    Quantel laser by LUMIBIRD
  • Description
    Compact Lamp Pumped Solid State Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser

General Parameters

  • Configuration
    Laser Head with Control Unit (Integrated)
  • Type
    Laser System
  • Technology
    Solid State Laser
  • Operation Mode
    Pulsed Laser
  • Ultrafast Laser
    Nanosecond Lasers
  • Wavelength
    213 nm, 266 nm, 355 nm, 532 nm, 1064 nm, 1.57 µm
  • Tunable
  • Fiber Coupled
  • Laser Color
    Ultraviolet, Green, Infrared
  • Pulse Energy
    4 to 100 mJ
  • Pulse Width
    7 to 10.5 ns
  • Spectral Width
    1 cm-1
  • Application
    LIBS, Pumping, FPD Repair, LIDAR, Ablation, Pulsed Laser Deposition, Photoacoustic Imaging
  • Polarization
    Horizontal, Vertical
  • Polarization ratio
  • Repetition Rate
    1 to 20 Hz
  • Gain Medium Type
    Solid State (Crystal / Glass)
  • Laser Gain Medium
  • Altitude
    3000 m
  • Application Industry
    Display / Projector & LED / Lighting, Imaging, Industrial (Material Processing), LIDAR & Sensing, Scientific
  • Beam Divergence
    1 to 12 mrad
  • Energy Stability
    2 to 3%
  • Pointing Stability
    50 µrad
  • Pulse Energy
    4 to 100 mJ
  • Package
    Benchtop / Rackmount
  • Power Supply
    100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase, 850 VA
  • Voltage
    100 to 240 VAC
  • RoHS
  • Note
    Power Drift: ±5%, Jitter: ±2 ns

Physical Properties

  • Laser Head Dimension
    52 x 177 x 76 mm (H x L x W)
  • Laser Head Weight
    0.9 kg
  • Power Supply Dimension
    360 x 435 x 133 mm (H x L x W)
  • Power Supply Weight
    14 kg (Standard), 14. 5 (Optional Rack)
  • Beam Diameter
    4 mm
  • Fiber length
    Cable Length: 3 m

Environmental Conditions

  • Cooling Method
    Water to Air Cooling
  • Operating Temperature
    10 to 40 Degree C
  • Storage Temperature
    -30 to 70 Degree C

Technical Documents

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