Clarity Series

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The Clarity Series from Wavelength References are Frequency-Locked Semiconductor Lasers that operate at wavelengths of 1312 nm or 1550 nm. They deliver an output power of 2 mW - 25 mW and operate in two lock modes: line narrowing mode & reference mode. These lasers have a laser linewidth of up to 50 kHz - 150 kHz (line narrowing mode) & 1 MHz - 5MHz (reference mode). They have an allan deviation below 1 x 10-9 - 5 x 10-10 and side mode suppression above 35 dB. These lasers have an absolute accuracy of less than ± 0.02 pm and maximum wavelength short-term stability of 5 MHz (reference mode) & 1 MHz (line narrowing mode). They can be controlled via SCAPC & RS-23 interfaces and support SMF28e & PM Panda output fibers. These lasers require an AC supply voltage of 90 V - 250 V and consume 0.5 A of current. They are ideal for calibration of optical instrumentation, sensing, interferometry, and coherent communication applications.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
    Clarity Series
  • Manufacturer
    Wavelength References
  • Description
    1312/1550 nm Frequency Locked Semiconductor Lasers for Sensing Applications

General Parameters

  • Configuration
    Laser Head with Control Unit (Integrated)
  • Type
    Laser System
  • Operation Mode
    CW Laser
  • Application
    Endoscopy, Microscopy, Metrology, Monitoring, Sensing, Interferometry, Optical Fiber Communication
  • Power
    2 to 25 mW
  • Wavelength
    1312 nm, 1550 nm
  • Tunable
  • Fiber Coupled
  • Mode
    Single Mode
  • Laser Color
  • Spectral Width :
    50 to 150 kHz, 1 to 5 MHz
  • Gain Medium Type
    Semiconductor Laser
  • Application Industry
    Medical, Scientific Research, Environmental, Communications
  • Package
  • Interface
  • Power Supply
    90-250 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.5 A
  • Note
    Wavelength Short Term Stability: 1 to 5 MHz, Fiber modes: SMF28e, PM Panda

Environmental Conditions

  • Operating Temperature
    0 to 50 Degree C

Technical Documents

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