Optical Spectrum Analyzer by EXFO Inc.

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The FTBx-5255 from EXFO Inc. is an Optical Spectrum Analyzer that can measure wavelengths from 1250 to 1650 nm. It has a resolution bandwidth of 0.035 nm and up to 0.02 nm for high-resolution mode with a dynamic range of -80 to 18 dBm. This spectrum analyzer has wavelength linearity of ±0.01 nm and wavelength repeatability of ±0.003 nm. It has an optical return loss of over 40 dB and an optical rejection ratio of 45 - 55 dB. 

The FTBx-5255 has a Robust In-service Pol-Mux OSNR for 100G/200G/400G. It provides a portable solution for spectral characterization of DWDM/CWDM networks. This spectrum analyzer can be combined with the FTBx-88200NGE Power Blazer module to become the industry’s smallest OSA/transport solution in a single platform for commissioning 40G/400G circuits. It can be housed in the compact and portable FTB-2, FTB-2 Pro, and FTB-4 Pro platforms, or in the rack-mountable LTB-8 platform that measures 51 x 159 x 185 mm and is ideal for high-speed, CWDM, O, and L-Band testing applications.

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    EXFO Inc.
  • Description
    Optical Spectrum Analyzer from 1250 nm to 1650 nm


  • Application
    High-speed DWDM, with OSNR measurements from 10G to 400G, including In-service Pol-Mux OSNR, CWDM spectral analysis, Spectral analysis of pluggable transceivers (CFP, XFP, etc.) on the O-band, 1300 nm region, as well as L-band transceivers

General Parameters

  • Configuration
  • Wavelength Range
    1250 to 1650 nm
  • Wavelength Accuracy
    ±0.01 to ±0.025 nm
  • Dynamic Range
    -80 to 18 dB
  • Optical Power Range
    23 dBm
  • Polarization Dependence
    ±0.06 dB
  • Resolution Bandwidth
    0.035 nm, < 0.02 nm (high resolution mode)
  • Wavelength Linearity
    ±0.01 nm
  • Spectrum Band
    O-Band, L-Band
  • Wavelength Repeatability
    ±0.003 nm
  • Note
    Absolute Power Accuracy: ± 0.5 dB, Optical Rejection Ratio : 45 to 55 dB, Channel Spacing: 12.5 to 200 GHz, CWDM, Power Repeatability : ±0.02 dB, Data Signals: Up to 100 Gbit/s, Measurement Time: 1 sec

Connections & Interface

  • Connectors
    APC/DIN 47256, APC/ FC, APC/ E-2000, APC/ ST, APC/ SC, APC/ LC, UPC/DIN 47256, UPC/ FC, UPC/ E-2000, UPC/ ST, UPC/ SC, UPC/ LC

Technical Documents

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