Optical Wavelength Meter by Laser Components

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The WaveEye from Laser Components is a compact wavelength meter for cw or quasi-cw lasers between 450 nm and 950 nm. The measurement data is available with a data rate of 1 kHz without a warm-up delay. It can be used for an optical input power range between 0.1 µW and 1 mW. The wavelength information is available as a voltage of up to 4.096 V at the analog output. It is ideally suited as an OEM component and is used for applications like spectroscopy, tunable lasers, characterization of diode lasers and gas detection. The WaveEye is operated with a USB cable via the supplied software interface or via text-based commands. The USB connection also serves as a power supply.

 Product Specifications

    Product Details

    • Part Number :
    • Manufacturer :
      Laser Components
    • Description :
      USB Powered, highly accurate & very Compact Size Wavemeter


    • Application :
      Spectroscopy, Gas Detection, characterization of detectors, Diode Lasers and other test equipment, Integration into tunable lasers

    Connections & Interface

    • Interface :


    • Operating Temperature display :
      18 to 32 Degree C

    General Parameters

    • Operation Mode :
      CW Lasers
    • Wavelength Range :
      450 to 950 nm
    • Wavelength Display Unit :
    • Wavelength accuracy :
      ± 100 pm(factory calibration), ± 20 pm(user calibration)
    • Measurement Speed :
      1 kHz
    • Input Power Range :
      0.1 µW to 1 mW
    • Power Measurement Unit :
      µW, mW
    • Warm up time :
      no warm-up delay
    • Wavelength Display Resolution :
      2 pm@700 nm
    • Note :
      Input spectrum: 1 nm, analog output range: 0 to 4.096 V, analog resolution: 16 bits

    Technical Documents

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