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The A-CUBE-Series from Laser Components are Silicon or InGaAs Avalanche Photodiode (APD) Modules that operate at a wavelength from 400 to 1100 nm (Si) or 1000 to 1700 nm (InGaAs). They have a responsivity of 0.27-500 MV/W (Si) and 0.094-94 MV/W (InGaAs). These APD modules have a noise equivalent power (NEP) of 6-225 fW/rtHz (Si) and 32-425 fW/rtHz (InGaAs). They have an active area diameter of 0.5, 1.5 or 3 mm (Si) and 200 μm (InGaAs) with a bandwidth of DC-240 MHz. These APD modules have a matched preamplifier, integrated high voltage supply and in-built temperature compensation circuitry. They require a DC supply of 12 V and can be controlled via an RS-232 interface.

The A-CUBE series is available in compact modules that measure 4.06 x 4.06 x 4 mm with optional optical fiber coupling and FC connector. They are ideal for APD evaluation, range finding, LIDAR, optical communication systems, spectroscopy, fluorescence, medical, laser radar, rangefinding, data transfer or biomedical analysis applications.

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Laser Components
  • Description
    Silicon/InGaAs Avalanche Photodiode Modules from 400 to 1700 nm


  • Application
    LIDAR Range Finder, Optical Communication Systems, Spectroscopy, Fluorescence, Medical

Connections & Interface

  • Connector

General Parameters

  • Detector Sensitivity
    905 nm
  • Noise equivalent power(NEP)
    6 to 150 fW / rtHz
  • Output Voltage
    1.5 to 3 V
  • Package Type
    Module with Connector
  • Photodetector Type
  • Wavelength Range
    400 to 1700 nm
  • Photodiode Material
    InGaAs, Silicon
  • Bandwidth
    DC to 240 MHz
  • Responsivity/Photosensitivity
    0.27 to 500 MV/W

Physical Properties

  • Active Area Diameter
    0.5 to 3 mm


  • Operating Temperature display
    0 to 50 Degree C
  • Storage Temperature
    -20 to 70 Degree C

Technical Documents

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