Balor sCMOS

Scientific & Industrial Camera by Andor Technology

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The Balor sCMOS from Andor Technology is an sCMOS Camera that is designed for astronomy. It has a 16.9 megapixel image sensor with a 70 mm filed-of-view and a pixel pitch of 12 μm. This camera has a rolling or global shutter that delivers a framerate of up to 54 fps (full frame) and has an extended dynamic range with over 99.7% linearity. It has a low readout time of 18.5 seconds with a readout noise of 2.9-4.3 e- and a well depth of 80000 e-. This 16-bit camera has an f-number of 0.35 and a peak quantum efficiency of 61%. It can be controlled via a 4 lane CXP-6 interface.

The Balor sCMOS is vacuum protected using UltraVac technology that is critical for sustained vacuum integrity and to maintain unequaled cooling and QE performance. It has an IRIG-B GPS timestamp feature that provides an image GPS timestamp with 10 ns resolution for syncing across multiple instruments and multiple observation sites. This camera is available in a vacuum enclosure package that measures Ø172 x 204.8 mm and is ideal for orbital debris & asteroid tracking, large sky surveys, solar studies, exoplanet discovery, supernovae detection, atmospheric studies and speckle/lucky imaging applications.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    Balor sCMOS
  • Manufacturer
    Andor Technology
  • Description
    16.9 Megapixel sCMOS Camera for Astronomy


  • Application
    Orbital Debris & Asteroid Tracking, Large Sky Surveys, Solar Studies, Exoplanet Discovery, Supernovae Detection, Atmospheric Studies, Speckle/lucky Imaging

Connections & Interface

  • Data Interface

General Parameters

  • Camera Type
    Thermal Cameras
  • Camera Window
    UV-grade fused silica
  • Camera(f-Number)
  • Cooling Method
    Air or Liquid
  • Dark Current
    0.03 to 0.35 e-/pix/sec (Rolling Shutter), 0.065 to 0.5 e-/pix/sec (Global Shutter)
  • Linearity
  • PRNU(photo response non-uniformity)
  • Trigger Mode
    Internal, External, External Start, External Exposure, Software
  • Pixels
    16.9 MP
  • Resolution
    4128 x 4104
  • Active Image Area
    49.5 mm x 49.2 mm
  • Sensor Type
  • Chrome
  • Color Depth
    Data Format: 16 Bit
  • Optical Diagonal
    69.9 mm
  • Pixel Size
    12 x 12 mm
  • Quantum Efficiency
  • Read Noise
    2.9 e- (Rolling Shutter), 4.3 e- (Global Shutter)
  • Shutter Type
    Rolling Shutter, Global Shutter
  • Spectral Range
    600 nm
  • Frame Rate
    34 to 54 fps

Physical Properties

  • Active Area Well Depth
    80 000 e-

Technical Documents

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