P100 | PicoStar

Scientific & Industrial Camera by TauTec LLC

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The P100 | PicoStar from TauTec LLC is a 2.3 Megapixel CMOS camera that has a resolution of 1920 (H) x 1200 (V) pixels. It has a picosecond time-gated image intensifier coupled to CCD/CMOS camera via high optical efficiency relay optics. This imager CMOS camera has a global shutter that delivers a frame rate above 100 fps (at 12-bit ADC). It has a pixel size of 5.86 μm x 5.86 μm, an exposure time of 34 μs - 10 s, and fuel well capacity of 32,000 e-. This camera has a read noise of 6e- RMS and dark noise of 6 - 7 e-/pixel/s.

The P100 | PicoStar operates in three modes: fast mode, slow mode and DC mode. It supports USB 3 interface and can be controlled manually via the front panel keypad or remotely via the RS232 serial interface through ASCII commands. The image intensifier has a minimum gate width of less than 100 ps (FWHM) with a trigger rate of up to 10 kHz. It has an intrinsic delay of approximately 50 ns and a jitter of less than 10 ps RMS. This camera has a sensitivity above 100 counts/photoelectron, spatial resolution of 25 lp/mm, and dynamic range of 2000:1.

The P100 | PicoStar is ideal for picosecond time-resolved optical imaging & spectroscopy, fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy, imaging through scattering media, diffuse optical tomography, optical breast imaging, photon migration, time-gated total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy, quantum dot imaging, dynamics of photophysical and photochemical processes, time-gated Raman spectroscopy, fluorescence quenching, pump-probe imaging, plasma kinetics, OLED characterization, dynamics in semiconductors, ultrafast magnetic domain switching and LiDAR applications.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    P100 | PicoStar
  • Manufacturer
    TauTec LLC
  • Description
    2.3 Megapixel CMOS Camera for Spectroscopy and LiDAR Applications


  • Application
    Picosecond time-resolved optical imaging and spectroscopy in conjunction with picosecond pulsed lasers, fluorescence lifetime imaging, Plasma Kinetics, Imaging through scattering media, picosecond time-gated (fluorescence suppression) Raman spectroscopy, LIDAR

Connections & Interface

  • Data Interface
    USB 3.0, RS-232

General Parameters

  • Camera Type
    Area Scan Cameras, Digital Cameras, Microscopy Cameras
  • Compatible System
    Windows, Linux
  • Dark Current
    6 to 7 e-/pixel/sec
  • Detector Sensitivity
    >100 counts/photoelectron
  • Trigger Mode
    Free run
  • Pixels
    2.3 MP
  • Resolution
    1920(H) x 1200(V)
  • ADC Resolution
    12 Bit
  • Sensor Type
  • Chrome
    Ultraviolet, Visible, Near-Infrared
  • Dynamic Range
  • Exposure Time
    34 µs to 10 s
  • Full Well Capacity
    32000 e-
  • Lens Mount
  • Pixel Size(H x V)
    5.86 x 5.86 µm
  • Read Noise
    6 e-rms
  • Sensor Manufacturer
  • Sensor Model Number
    Sony IMX174
  • Shutter Type
    Global Shutter
  • Spectral Range
    200 to 750 nm (S20), 350 to 750 nm (S25)
  • Frame Rate
    >100 fps
  • Note
    Gate Width (FWHM): 80 to 100 ps, Spatial Resolution: >251 p/mm

Technical Documents

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