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The FLS1000 from Edinburgh Instruments is a modular fluorescence and phosphorescence spectrometer for measuring spectra from the ultraviolet to the mid-infrared spectral range (up to 5,500 nm), and lifetimes spanning from picoseconds to seconds. The instrument has a guaranteed sensitivity of >30,000:1 (optional >35,000:1) for the standard water Raman measurement using the SQRT method. It comes standard with a 450 W ozone free xenon arc lamp that covers a range of 230 nm to >1000 nm for steady state measurements.

Single and double grating Czerny-Turner monochromators are available in the FLS1000 with 325 mm (or 2 x 325 mm) focal length, high optical throughput, excellent stray light rejection, and low temporal dispersion. The monochromators feature ‘plug-and-play’ triple grating turrets with up to three gratings on each turret and computer-controlled slits.

The FL1000 has an exceptionally large sample chamber that allows access to the sample from all sides, top, and bottom. It has a USB interface and all modes of operation are controlled by ONE data acquisition module and ONE all-inclusive Fluoracle software package for data acquisition and analysis. The light source, detector, grating, slits, polarisers are all computer-controlled for accurate and precise measurements.

 Product Specifications

    Product Details

    • Part Number :
    • Manufacturer :
      Edinburgh Instruments
    • Description :
      Photoluminescence Spectrometer with Spectral Coverage up to 5500 nm


    • Applications :
      Fundamental Research and Routine Laboratory applications

    Connections & Interface

    • Interface :

    General Parameters

    • Measuring Techniques :
      Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Raman Spectroscopy, UV Spectroscopy, Phosphorescence Spectroscopy
    • Spectrometer Type :
      Benchtop, Modular
    • Wavelength Range :
      200 to 1000 nm
    • Spectrum Band :
      NIR, UV, UV-NIR, Mid-IR
    • Stray Light :
      1:-510 (single), 1:-1010 (double)
    • Slitwidth :
      0 mm – 11 mm
    • Detector :
      CCD & Diode Array Detector
    • Detector Range :
      185 to 1700 nm
    • Grating :
      Mounted to triple grating turret
    • Input Focal length :
      325 mm
    • Noise Ratio :
      SNR: >30,000:1
    • Operating System :
    • Spectral Irradiance Sensitivity :
    • Wavelength accuracy :
      ± 0.2 nm
    • Note :
      Pulse Width: 1 µs – 2 µs

    Technical Documents

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