DEMON Spectrometer Series

Spectrometer by LTB Lasertechnik Berlin

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The DEMON Spectrometer Series from LTB Lasertechnik Berlin are Double Echelle Monochromator Spectrometers that operate at wavelengths of 190 nm - 900 nm (DEMON), 200 nm - 750 nm (Super DEMON), and 600 nm - 1700 nm (DEMON-NIR). They have spectral resolutions of 2.5 pm - 12 pm (DEMON), 1 pm -3.75 pm (Super DEMON), and 10 pm -28 pm (DEMON-NIR). These spectrometers have spectral resolving powers of 75000 (DEMON), 60000 (DEMON-NIR), and below 200000 (Super DEMON). 

The DEMON Spectrometer Series have an aperture size of f/10 (DEMON, DEMON-NIR) & f/20 (Super DEMON) with an adjustable slit width and a dynamic range of 16 bits. These spectrometers have a pre-monochromator with active wavelength stabilization in Littrow-configuration. They have a CCD or ICCD detector with an exposure time of 1 ms (CCD) and 5 ns (ICCD). These spectrometers have integrated mechanical shutters and motorized slits.

The DEMON Spectrometer Series have motors and calibration lamps that can be automatically controlled via PC. These spectrometers have fiber light coupling and support Sophi & LabVIEW library (optional) softwares. They are available in a compact module that measures 600 mm x 310 mm x 230 mm (L x W x H) (DEMON, DEMON-NIR) and 1215 mm x 512 mm x 300 mm (L x W x H) (Super DEMON). These spectrometers are ideal for isotopic shift investigation with LIBS, quality control of diode & solid-state lasers, ICP-OES, and MIP-OES applications.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
    DEMON Spectrometer Series
  • Manufacturer
    LTB Lasertechnik Berlin
  • Description
    190 nm - 1700 nm, Double Echelle Monochromator Spectrometers for MIP-OES Applications


  • Applications
    Precise absolute wavelength determination of emission lines, Quality control of diode and solid-state lasers, Spectrometric process control, LIBS – laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, ICP-OES, MIP-OES

Connections & Interface

  • Fiber optic connector

General Parameters

  • Measuring Techniques
    Absorbance, Reflectance, UV Spectroscopy, VIS Spectroscopy, NIR Spectroscopy
  • Spectrometer Type
  • Wavelength Range
    190 to 1700 nm
  • Spectral Resolution
    0.001 to 0.03 nm
  • Spectrum Band
  • Integration Time
    1 ms (CCD), 5 ns (ICCD) (exposure time), 1 ms (exposure time) (DEMON-NIR)
  • Aperture(f-number)
    f/10, f/20 (Super DEMON)
  • Dynamic Range
    16 Bit
  • Image Sensor

Physical Properties

  • Weight
    25 kg, 75 kg (Super DEMON)
  • Dimension
    600 x 310 x 230 mm (L x W x H), 1215 x 512 x 300 mm (L x W x H) (Super DEMON)

Technical Documents

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