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The NLIR-S2050 from NLIR are Mid-infrared Spectrometers that have an optical bandwidth of 2 µm - 5 µm. They have spectral resolutions of 6 cm-1, 3 cm-1 & 2.5 cm-1 with maximum readout rates of 400 Hz, 1.4E3 Hz & 130E3 Hz respectively. These vertically polarised spectrometers have a sensitivity of 130E3 counts/(ms µW) (S2050-400), 8E3 counts/(ms µW) (S2050-1k), and 1.6E3 count/(ms µW) (S2050-130k). They have a bit depth of 16 (S2050-400 & S2050-1k) & 12 (S2050-130k) and an exposure time of 10.8 - 1E6 µs (S2050-400), 9 - 1E6 µs (S2050-1k) & 1.3 - 654 µs (S2050-130k).

The NLIR-S2050 spectrometers are based on the NLIR upconversion technology. They have dark noise of 11 counts (S2050-400), 60 counts (S2050-1k) & 1 count (S2050-130k). These spectrometers require a minimum detectable power (in 100 ms) of 5 pW/nm (S2050-400), 75 pW/nm (S2050-1k) & 25 pW/nm (S2050-130k). They can be controlled via GUI & API interfaces and support SMA-905 fiber connector. These spectrometers are available in a module that measures 100 (H) mm x 306 (L) mm x 200 (W) mm and are ideal for optical coating measurement, 80 kHz mid-infrared spectroscopy, and kHz-rate optical coherence tomography applications.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    2 µm - 5 µm, Mid-IR Spectrometers for MIR Spectroscopy Applications


  • Applications
    Optical coating measurement, 80 kHz mid-infrared spectroscopy, kHz-rate optical coherence tomography

Connections & Interface

  • Fiber optic connector
  • Interface
    GUI, API

General Parameters

  • Measuring Techniques
    MIR Spectroscopy
  • Spectrometer Type
  • Wavelength Range
    2 to 5 µm
  • Spectral Resolution
    1666666.67 to 4000000 nm(2.5 to 6 cm-1)
  • Spectrum Band
  • A/D Resolution
    12 to 16 bit(Bit depth)
  • Pixels
    2048 Pixels
  • Dark Noise
    1 to 60 counts
  • Spectral Irradiance Sensitivity
    1600 to 130000 Counts/(ms µW)
  • Note
    Exposure time: 1.3 to 1000000 µs, Readout Rate: 400 to 130000 Hz, Polarization: Vertical


  • Operating Temperature display
    30 Degree C

Physical Properties

  • Weight
    5 kg
  • Dimension
    100 mm x 306 mm x 200 mm (H x L x W)

Technical Documents

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