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The FluoTime 300 from PicoQuant is a UV/VIS/NIR Fluorescence Lifetime Spectrometer that operates from 266 to 1990 nm. It has a focal length of 150 mm and 300 mm for a single monochromator design and 2 x 300 mm for a double monochromator design with a spectral range of 185 - 1700 nm. This device delivers a high laser repetition rate of up to 80 MHz. It has an aperture of F/4.6 or F/4.1 for a single monochromator and F/4.1 for a double monochromator. This device has a stray light rejection of 10-5 for a single monochromator and 10-8 for a double monochromator. This spectrometer has a resolution of 0.3 nm and a minimum step size of 0.004 nm. It has a dispersion of 5.4 nm/mm or 2.7 nm/mm and a pulse width of 40 ps - 1 ns.

The FluoTime 300 is a fully automatic flexible and modular system. It is available in a Czerny-Turner design that measures 900 x 550 x 400 mm (without steady-state option) and  900 x 1100 x 400 mm (with steady-state option) and is ideal for fluorescence anisotropy (polarization), steady-state fluorescence spectroscopy, time-resolved photoluminescence (TRPL), Materials Science and Photochemistry applications.

Product Specifications

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Product Details

  • Part Number
    FluoTime 300
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    266 - 1990 nm, Fluorescence Spectrometer for TRPL & Fluorescence Anisotropy


  • Applications
    Time-Resolved Fluorescence, Singlet Oxygen, Time-Resolved Photoluminescence (TRPL), Fluorescence Upconversion, Fluorescence Anisotropy (Polarization), Steady-State Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Fluorescence Anisotropy, Quantum Yield Measurements, Photochemistry, LEDs, OLEDs, quantum dots

General Parameters

  • Measuring Techniques
    NIR Spectroscopy, Fluorescence Spectroscopy
  • Spectrometer Type
  • Wavelength Range
    200 to 1990 nm
  • Spectral Resolution
    0.3 nm
  • Spectrum Band
  • Stray Light
  • Slitwidth
    0 to 10 mm
  • Grating
    600 to 1200 g/mm
  • Input Focal length
    150 to 300 mm
  • Numerical Aperture
    4.1 to 4.2
  • Operating System
    Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Power Requirements
    110 to 230 VAC
  • Wavelength accuracy
    0.3 nm
  • Wavelength Reproducibility
    0.01 to 0.05 nm
  • Note
    Pulse width: 1 ┬Ás to 500 ps, Repetition rate: Up to 80 MHz, Spectral range: 160 to 900 nm, Count depth: 16 to 32 bit, Configration: L-Geometry, Channel: Multichannel

Physical Properties

  • Dimension
    900 mm x 550 mm x 400 mm (w x d x h) (Without steady-state option ), 900 mm x 1100 mm x 400 mm (w x d x h) (With steady-state option)

Technical Documents

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