Spectrometer by Teledyne Princeton Instruments

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The TPIR-785 from Teledyne Princeton Instruments (TPI) is a Raman Spectrometer that operates at a spectral length from 80 to 2250 cm-1. This spectrometer has a spectral resolution of 5 cm-1 and has an aperture ratio of f/2. It has an adjustable slit width from 10 μm to 3 mm and supports the USB 3.0 interface for serial communication.

The TPIR-785 has a 785 nm Raman probe which has a focal length of 10 mm and has a round to linear fiber bundle for high light-collection efficiency. It also incorporates a 785-nm multimode laser that can handle a power of 475 mW (software adjustable) and has a cuvette holder that is based on proprietary CUBE accessories which are ideal for routine measurement. The spectrometer consists of two detectors - PIXIS 100/400 BR EX4 and BLAZE 100/400 HR. The PIXIS 100/400 BR EX4 features a deep cooled scientific CCD camera that functions as per eXcelon Technology. It eliminates fringes and improves QE in the NIR range. The BLAZE 100/400 HR offers 3x higher NIR sensitivity in a large-format CCD camera and exhibits 70% QE at 1000 nm. Both the detectors have a pixel array of 1340 x 100/400 with a pixel size of 20 x 20 μm.

This Raman spectrometer supports LightField for system control and data collection, SDKs in Python(Python Software Foundation), LabVIEW (National Instruments), and MATLAB (MathWorks) software. It is available in a module that measures 61 x 44 x 19 cm and is ideal for biology and medical research, petroleum and chemical, forensic, security and military, pharmaceutical, food and agriculture, material research, and environmental applications.

 Product Specifications

    Product Details

    • Part Number :
    • Manufacturer :
      Teledyne Princeton Instruments
    • Description :
      High Sensitivity NIR Raman Spectrometer for Biological Studies


    • Applications :
      Chemical and petroleum engineering, Forensic labs, Defence & Security, Pharmaceutical, Food Safety & Agriculture, Environmental, Medical research, Biological, Materials Research

    Connections & Interface

    • Connector :
      SMA or FC/PC
    • Fiber optic connector :
      FC/PC, SMA
    • Interface :
      USB 3.0

    General Parameters

    • Measuring Techniques :
      Raman Spectroscopy, CCD Spectroscopy, NIR Spectroscopy
    • Spectrometer Type :
    • Wavelength Range :
      785 nm
    • Spectral Resolution :
      5 to 7.8 cm-1
    • Spectrum Band :
    • Integration Time :
      10 us
    • Slitwidth :
      10 µm to 3 mm
    • Aperture(f-number) :
    • Detector :
      CCD, PIXIS 100/400 BR EX4, BLAZE® 100/400 HR
    • Detector Array :
      1340 x 100/400 pixel array CCD with eXcelon™ 4 technology
    • Pixels Size :
      20 µm x 20 µm
    • Grating :
      1200 g/mm(High Resolution), 830 g/mm(Extended Coverage)
    • Image Sensor :
      CCD Sensor
    • Laser Output power :
      475 mW


    • Operating Temperature display :
      5 to 30 Degree C
    • Storage Temperature :
      -20 to 50 Degree C

    Physical Properties

    • Weight :
      27 kg
    • Dimension :
      61 cm x 44 cm x 19 cm

    Technical Documents

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